Thread: Favorite NFL playoff year of all time

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    I'd like to know from some of the members who were around for the Niners' heyday, the Steel Curtain, and the rebirth of "America's Team," exactly what the title says. What was(were) your favorite NFL playoff year(s) of all time? I really can't pick a personal favorite, because they always seem to be at least watchable. Does anyone remember the last time they were bored during an NFL playoff weekend? It just doesn't happen.
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    My favorite were when i was a kid. Superbowl XXV was the one that stands out. My brother's best friend was a total ass and i hated his guts. Luckily, he was a huge Bills fan and when Scott Norwood missed the last-chance field goal, i felt an inner triumph in watching the aftermath.
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    I'm a Niner fan but I only got to witness Super Bowl XXIX in 1995 with their win against the Chargers when Young threw the record 6 touchdowns. I was only 8 at the time but I remember that game very well.
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