Thread: Old Pokemon Parody Game from 2002

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    ==Warning: Extreme Immature Humor Coming Up==

    Alright, I didn't put this in the "games" thread because it's not Retro. In 2002, me and my bro made a game making fun of Pokemon called "Poopymon Brown Version". The characters were:

    Rash (As in a butt rash)

    Hairy (As in a hairy butt; he's your nemesis)

    Prof. Poop (A disgusting clown who guides you on your trip)

    You fought people like Osama Bin Laden with Poopymon like 'Turdle', 'Jay-Jay the Jetplane', 'Firey Fart'; I forget if there were any others. The game went like this:

    Prof. Poop gave you a useless lecture on poopymon, and then you had to catch "Turdle", then you battled pokemon(Sorry, it's just killing me saying 'poop' so many times) with Osama Bin Laden, who gave you Jay Jay the Jetplane for winning, then you used Jay-Jay to fly into an airport where you battled your pokemon against Hairy's Firey-Fart, where you used a toilet to capture it, then you went to McDonald's to get some ex-lax, and somehow you fell into the sewer where you fought the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Cats". The game was unfinished though, so not much happened after that part. Sorry if you are upchucking a storm.
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    When I was 9 I was playing the game of basketball.
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    Anybody else smell spongey pink amorphous meat?
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