Thread: Doesa any1 remember a show called Shake, Rattle and Roll?

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    I can't find anything on this show. But I know it exsisted in real life! I remember the theme song starting like, "Wake, get out of bed. Rise and shine..." Then it would say "Shake, rattle and roll!" Then right after that, some deep voice would say "GET UP NOW!" Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
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    hell yes,

    i used to watch that show all the time. i dont remeber if it was on before school or saturday mornings.
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    i seem to remember it as wake, rattle, and roll, and here it used to come on in the mornings before school. or maybe im thinking of a different show altogether. the show i remember had a robot.
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    It was known as both. I knew it as "Shake Rattle & Roll". I think it got that title after it went into syndication or something or either it was the other way around. Either way, I recall watching it on NBC on Saturday mornings and then on Disney Channel in the early 90s where the title was different.
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    I remember this show. The only episode I can recall, though, is one where soccer legend Pele made a cameo appearance. It was pretty funny, and if I'm correct, it was one of the final shows that Hanna-Barbera worked on before Turner Entertainment bought them.
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