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    Hi Hi here is my collection of Tv Shows, very small but I'm very proud of it.

    Tape 1 recorded in 1988: 1 full episode of The Flintstone Kids. Fred thinks his parents are having a baby, Captain Planet trys to stop a criminal from turning children into boring adults, Dino becomes a play mate for Wilma's sisters. *Includes the Fire Plug & Dog "After these Messages" footage*

    Also on this tape are some Game Shows taped from the USA Network, they include "Love me, Love me Not" "Play the Percentages" and the 1986 USA Version of "Jackpot". It also has 5 minutes of Bumper Stumpers but the tape cut off.

    Tape 2 recorded in 1989 (maybe 88 ): 4 or 5 episodes of Hogans Heroes, at least 2 episodes of M*A*S*H, 1 episode of St. Elsewhere and 1 episode of War of the Worlds.

    I am interested in a possible trade but I can't right now. I hope someday soon I can start trading over the internet.
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    I have lots of tapes. I used to trade, so I got some fairly rare stuff. I'm starting to go through all my videos to scan for commercials and then marking them with a red X so I know that they've been checked.
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    Thats exaclty what I do though I don't check them because they aren't really mine. But thats how I found what I posted above.

    *This just in* Last night I found a tape filled with stuff during Cartoon Network Christmas 1995! Including my favorite, The Smurfs Christmas Specials!
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