Thread: Favorite Celebrity Deathmatch Finisher

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    • 13 years 10 months ago
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    What was your favorite fatality on Celebrity Deathmatch?

    Mine was when Billy Blanks tied Richard Simmons into a bow (Tae-Bo. Get it?!), causing Simmons' head to pop off.
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    • 13 years 10 months ago
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    Marlin Manson: The Tahitian Skeliton pull of death.

    David Spade: David's "Goliath" slingshot

    Galagher: Hammer Smash O' Matic!

    and Yes they're Real and from real episodes.
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    Eddie Vedder vs. Scott Stapp. Complaining that Stapp sounds too much like him, Eddie shoves barbed wire down Stapp's throat. When Stapp tries to sing afterwards, he sounds like Tom Waits . . . so Tom Waits shows up out of nowhere and finishes Stapp off, saying, "Without my voice, I'm just an old guy with a funny smell!"
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    Napoleon's "Le Hand Du Stank" in Joe Pesci vs. Napoleon Bonaparte.

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    i don't know about finisher but I laughed pretty hard when pam andersons brest implant got squeesed so hard the went to her hands.
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