Thread: What scared you the most as a child?

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    I remember not wanting to drink water from a glass for the longest time. An episode of Captain Planet was to blame when they were shrunk by that lady and added to Kwame's water canteen with some parasites freak me out at the age of six.

    I remember that episode.

    Oh Danny... you did NOT know what was coming for you.
    Yeah, it's Yuuki. Got a problem with that?

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    The scene in Justice League: Doom where Cyborg uses his X-ray vision to display a VERY unnerving image of a skeletal Wonder Woman with her brain exposed and her eyeballs staring straight at you, so we can further see that she was drugged by Cheetah. This is because I have endosomatophilia, and anything even RELATED to the inside of the body turns me on, and I wanted it to be Cyborg the X-ray was of. The fact he's narrating over this picture makes it even WORSE. This scene scared me and pissed me off so much, I wrote a script for a NEW version of the movie (actually going to be an episode in a Justice League series I'm making and pitching to DC) along with a friend of mine, and in it Cyborg is drugged by Cheetah instead and Supergirl uses her X-ray vision to display a similar image, but of Cyborg.

    Yeah. Whoever wrote that image in is a Nightmare Fetishist.
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    The commercial for Yoshi's Island, in which a guy in an Italian restaurant ate so much, he exploded. I remember it used to mess up my viewings of Cartoon Network cartoons and was at its worst during Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which came on late at night, so I'd have to spend more than half of the show thinking about the horrible image of the entrails spewing over the restaurant and spelling "PLAY IT LOUD." What the FUCK, Nintendo?!

    Speaking of Space Ghost, the episode "Curses," where Space Ghost was put under a curse to eat people. Nowadays, it's hilarious, but back then, seeing my favorite superhero with red eyes and IIRC sharp teeth scared the fuck out of me.
    Also, there was one episode that ended with the usual Cartoon Network logo, except the happy, surf-rock soundtrack had been replaced by a series of eerie beeping noises. I couldn't watch that episode to the end subsequent times, and if it entered my mind while I was trying to sleep, I would be supremely freaked out.

    Also, the Nickelodeon bumper with the teeth and glasses spazzing out and singing the Nick jingle. I dreaded a show ending because of that shit.

    I already mentioned the Sesame Street website bumper in a different thread.

    The Turner logo at the end of 2 Stupid Dogs kinda creeped me out, with its grey background and imposing golden letters. Even looking at it now gives me the creeps.
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