Thread: What scared you the most as a child?

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    • 13 years 9 months ago
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    All right...this is really really stupid, but...the Chuck E. Cheese Rat scared me. I was about four, and my mom took me there with a few of my friends. Everything was fine, we had pizza and played - until I met Chuck E. Cheese himself. He said hi and waved, but I think something about his size and his face hit a nerve. I screamed my head off and started crying, and it was a while before I could go back. I still get a little leery whenever I take my nieces there to play.

    Oh yeah...I used to be scared of Teddy Ruxpin. One time I was sleeping, and that stupid bear started talking out of the blue. Needless to say, Teddy didn't stay in my room after that. I also was a little scared of the criminals from "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego". I don't know why, but something about them freaked me out.
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    to be continue lines when they show them on TV when the show goes off that still scares the hell out of me.
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    Quote by magicbird
    What scared me the most,and still scares me today is the Emergency Alert System.
    I remember the first time I heard it-when I woke up in the middle of the night,and I saw that green screen and that buzzing noise-oh god I got so scared,I ran into my mom's bed!
    Nowadays,I barley see it on TV-and I stay up late sometimes,but I hear it on the radio oftenly.
    Can someone explain why this is so?


    I don't know why it's on the radio all the time, but one night, last year sometime I woke up and it was doing it's last "ERT ERT ERT!" And the station went back into a tune...well, like 7 minutes later the song that was playing cut out and it went back to the EAS! No "this is a test" or "if this was an actual emergency" afterwards...just went back into the tune...another 5-10 minutes later it went back to the EAS. It did that like 5 times before I was thoroughly creeped out and turned the station. (I went and checked the radar on my computer to see if there was a storm or something, but it was clear). MAN that was freeky.

    On TV, they just run a crawl on the top of the screen saying "this is a test" with that horrid noise. At least the EBS had weird slides that would come up for the duration of the test. Some were kinda pretty and flowery...
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    Quote by foxsgrl17

    I still CANNOT stand the sight or sound of someone throwing up today. it makes me cry. when i was little my friend puked at my birthday party and i ran into my parents bedroom, shut the door, went behind their bed, and cried cause i was so scared lol

    Ha, I was scared of puke when I was a kid too. I grew out of it though.

    Don't know how it started, I think it was back in first grade, someone threw up and the teacher had to put a paper towel over it, and I almost stepped in it. Ewww.
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    I remember seeing the Dark Crystal when I was pretty young and being afraid of the Skexi's (spelling?). They were kind of frightening for a child's movie.
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    the incredible hulk definitely... untlil i saw how it was done on reading rainbow....that and TEDDY RUXPIN.....

    now that i think of it.. that damn SNUGGLE TEDDY BEAR scared me too!!
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    I was afraid of aliens. Especially when they'd show a picture of one with those huge eyes just staring into your very soul, waiting to give you an anal probe and reorganize your organs and make you sick when they're done with you.
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    • 13 years 9 months ago
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    The leprechaun movie really scared me the most when I was a kid... The way he revenge to his enemy and his appearance as well.It really frightened me.
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    • 13 years 9 months ago
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    Okay quick but true story....

    The Exorcist.....

    My Room overlooked the living room, well my parents caught me watching tv from the foot of my bed....So they moved me to the back of the house...

    The room in the back of the house was next to the wash room...Long story short..the last movie I saw was the Exorcist....So when the washing machine would hit the spin cycle...It would shake the hell out of my bed....I thought the devil was coming to get me LOL
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    • 13 years 9 months ago
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    Puppets. Have been for 12 years now. They are traumatizing, and they are EVIL.
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    To this day, I refuse to watch that movie. I was only 8 when I first layed eyes on that monster. He was only onscreen for like 3 seconds, and I was done. I completely lost my shit. I had nightmares for years after that.
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    Two things. Tell me if you can remember #2.

    1. The columbia lady. I always thought she was going to jump out and get me.
    2. The more you know. Something where they'd dispense facts while showing a rainbow with a star, the music got to me somehow.
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    when the wompa snek attacked luke and his tuan tuan
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    Quote by the-micro-man;258058
    Puppets. Have been for 12 years now. They are traumatizing, and they are EVIL.

    that's a big one. hand puppets are terrible. i had a recurring nightmare that a purple bunny hand puppet poked it's head over our upstairs landing and waved me to climb the stairs. i could never see the puppeteer, but i always slowly followed and just as i was about to see i would wake up in silent-scream mode. you know, terror so bad no noise will come out of the throat hole. i've had that nightmare on and off for over 20 years now.

    the funny thing is, i have a purple bunny hand puppet staring down at me from the top shelf of my desk right now and that damn thing gives me goosebumps every time i look at it. that was a gift from my boyfriend after he found out about my big fear. how sweet.
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    This girl I liked when I was a kid had an abusive mother and she didn't like me, neither.
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    Quote by fusefan
    When i was a little kid i use to be afraid of the Afrin commercial. You know the one where they guy with a big nose for a head and large glasses gets out of bed? i used to scream bloody murder when that came on!

    Yeah, I remember that commercial, too. I thought I was going to have nightmares because of that.
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    While reading this thread, I remembered this...

    When I was like eight and nine years old, "Chip'n'Dale rescue rangers" was my favorite TV show. But sometimes, it creeped me out. I was especially traumatized by one episode, where a fortune teller fly named Cassandra predicts Chip will be crushed by an elephant. Everybody thought Chip was going to die, even though Chip himself tried to prove it was silly to believe fortune tellers. Well, even though the elephant didn't crush Chip, so he survived, that episode scared me badly. When I told other kids about how this episode scared me, they just said "But everything went well!" And I knew that, I wasn't stupid. But I had a crush on the Chip character at the time, so the mere thought of him dying was too much for me. I even hated fortune tellers for a couple of years afterwards.

    Two other favorite shows from my childhood was "Widget the world watcher" and "Thundercats". When I thought about my bad experience with a "Chip'n'Dale" episode, I remembered some things about these two other shows. I was really freaked out by two episodes of WTWW. One episode was about how a villain hypnotized all kinds of animals, and Widget, so they would be his slaves and work for him. I hate hypnosis, I still do. And there was also one episode, where Widget was turned into a "primitive world watcher", a Neanderthal version of his species. God, I hated that one too! And I have one single episode of "Thundercats" on VHS, and in one scene of that very episode, a unicorn is trapped by a monster tree. Even though Lion-O comes and saves the unicorn, that must be one of the most terrible scenes I managed to get on VHS as a girl. And it didn't help, that I watched that episode one morning, and later that day, I followed my sister up into the woods, only to see a tree, who resembled that monster tree way too much. Of course, this tree didn't catch any unicorns, but it looked like it had the same terrible smile, that the monster tree on "Thundercats" had.

    I also remember an episode of what I now believe must be "Justice League". Superman and Wonderwoman had to be shrinked, so they could be injected into another hero's body. They travelled in a little spaceship-like vehicle through this guy's veins from his leg up to his brain. I was uncomfortable with this from the beginning, but when they were getting to the heart, I had to get my sister, who was eleven years older than me and already an adult at this point. I couldn't continue watching the show without her by my side.

    And don't even get me started on "Are you affraid of the dark?" I hate horror movies. But I'm okay with Michaels Jackson's "Thriller" and "Ghosts", but that's probably because I love Michael so much, that he can't scare me.
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    Here in England there were some really creepy Health and Safety advertisements which scared the life out of schoolkids everywhere. Subjects such as "Don't talk to strangers" and "Don't touch Fireworks" used these really eerie songs and grainy camerawork.

    In terms of more commercial shows and films:

    Children Of the Corn

    And most embarrassingly of all.........Skeletor from He-Man!!!
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    • 13 years 9 months ago
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    Though it is laughably corny now, Are You Afraid of the Dark? scared the $#*% outta me! Especially that creepy opening!
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    The Cat-Man transformation in the beginning of Thriller, and the ending of the first Friday the 13th (I didn't see the rest of the movie). Even looking at it today, that's a GREAT ending.
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