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    Anybody remember the commercial for Final Fantasy 3, the one where Mog is zapping all the bad guys for failing to scare him? That was a classic commercial.
    • 16 years 2 months ago
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    Quote by Anonymous
    It was Final Fantasy VI(6)! Play FF: Anthology on PS1 for the correct name!

    I know that the real name is Final Fantasy VI. I was talking about the Final Fantasy 3 commercial for the SNES back in '94.
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    That would be awesome if someone could find it!
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    I'd brought up this site for it's collection of cool commercials, intros, and what-not, but the ONE bad comment that I'd gotten back...

    "They don't have the Final Fantasy 3 commercial either"

    I've seen the print ad before too, one page would have Mog in the foreground, with a bunch of monsters sneaking up behind him...

    The next page, Mog would be there with the monsters splattered all over (bones, goo, you get the idea)... The commercial on TV was a similar concept...

    Does anyone out there remember this commercial? Still have it? Can post it?
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