Thread: Fav horror/thriller movies

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    I have this fascination with things of the paranormal, so I love horrors and thrillers..some of my favorites are

    The Exorcist
    Elmstreet Series
    Amityville Series
    Poltergeist Series
    Rosemary's Baby
    ..and the list goes on

    What are some of your favorites?
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    got to be the fantastic Koroshiya/Ichi The Killer directed by Takeshi Miike. incredably gory and cringe-inducing. how can i forget the original Japanese Ring movie? bloody scary, the only movie that has actually scared me, well as did the sequal.
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    I really didn't dig Ichi The Killer.

    As far as Japanese horror/thriller/gore movies go, Dead or Alive is awesome, if not confusing. Battle Royal and Versus are great as well.

    As far as American movies, I'm not really a big horror buff. I do like the corny 80's horror movies like Ghoulies and Critters, mainly because of the cheese factor.
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    ernest saves christmas - that movie scares the hell out of me
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    I'm also not into Horror movies much. I'm more so in to family entertainment stuff. Now "scary" movies, sure, those I don't mind. Horror seems a bit pointless and cheesy, like anything past movie 1 of Halloween. ;

    I didn't see many "scary" movies when I was a kid. I stuck to animated stuff.

    But since I'm older, the only movie I've seen that's spooked me out to some extent, and still does, is The Exorcist. I know, it's a 70s movie and I wasn't even thought of in the 70s. lol That movie isn't my favorite, just creeps me out, which shows how good it really is. ^_^

    For long time, my favorite "scary" like movie was The Shinning starring Jack Nicholson (sp?). After I saw the movie, I bought the book and read it back when I was in High School and truly enjoyed it.
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    Two films i can name are The Shining and Night of The Living Dead.
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    childs play
    texas chainsaw masacure
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    The only movies I can remember that actually scared me were Terminator 2, Childs play, and Alien 3. I think they're pretty neat (and a little corny) now, but when I first saw them I was about 6 or 7 and I was pretty freaked out.

    Although the Blair Witch Project and The Ring were also kinda creepy when I first saw them.
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    Evil Dead 1&2 ( Bruce Campbell fucking rules)

    Pet Semetary, Silver Bullet, Creepshow, Cujo

    The Gate

    The Excorcist

    Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead

    Freddy and Jason are the kings of Horror!!!!!!!!
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    Let's see...some of my favorite 80's horror flicks

    A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Friday The 13th
    Evil Dead 2
    The Return of the Living Dead
    The Shining
    The Thing
    An American Werewolf In London
    The Fog
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    Ah, possibly my favorite genre.

    The Shining (Kubrick version)- This movie is just amazing
    Hellraiser-Not as intense as the book, but pretty good
    Evil Dead I & II- Both are classics, I love the bleeding cellar and the living house scene where Ash freaks out and starts laughing
    Jacob's Ladder-Really awesome stuff, my favorite
    The Thing-Who is who? Gore and uncertainty? Yes please.
    Return of the Living Dead-the best opening of any movie ever
    Vampire Hunter D-not scary either, but the mood and art is awesome
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    rosemary's baby (definetly my all time favorite horror movie)
    the exorcist
    nightmare on elm street
    the blairwitch project (not retro, but still a classic)
    the poltergeist movies
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    Without repeating anything from above (and I do like a lot of those)...

    28 Days Later
    Jeepers Creepers
    Dead Alive (although, it's almost more of a comedy)
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    my favorite horror movie is Pet Sematary. it's just awesome. and if you haven't seen it yet you need to.
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    Pet Sematary did have the coolest theme song of any horror film....but how can you go wrong with the Ramones?
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    The first scary movie I remember seeing at the theater was the Shining...that movie scared the crap outta me and taking a bath has never been the same

    I did however, love all of the nightmare on elmstreet movies
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    i loved pet semetry and i also loved the film and the book IT that film scared me as a kid i found killer clowns from out of space cool and funny and also dreamscape i think the movie was called about a guy who was being chased by the kinda snake monster guy in his dreams that was a good film
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    The Freddy Kruger movies are all simply fantastic.
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    i love the jason movies..too me they just flat kick ass...
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    Quote by Punkrocker20
    i love the jason movies..too me they just flat kick ass...
    i have to agree with you i like jason movies too all but jason x i thought was dumb
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