Thread: Beverly Hills Teens?

    • 16 years 2 months ago
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    I remember that show! They had a limo with a pool in the back. And they had some cool characters like the hot bad girl with her driver that was in love with her and that one kid who was a scientist. Wow, wish they sold that show on dvd or something.
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    • 15 years 21 days ago
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    I never watched this show (I thought it was for girls) but I remember the opening with the limo that had a pool. I thought that was SO cool and to this day I actually think there really were limos that had pools in them.
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    • 15 years 20 days ago
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    I use to like watching that show when I was little. I think I use to watch it on my days off school.
    • 15 years 20 days ago
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    I remember watching this on KHTV (Channel 39 in Houston, before they became the WB) during the mornings when I wasn't in school. It was a pretty good cartoon.
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