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marioman360 Posted 13 years 28 days ago
Wrestlemania is the second to worst game for the NES i have! it is hard as heck to get the opoment down the characters walk like they just crapped themselves, the graphics look like an atari 7800 game and worst of all when you finally get your opoment down YOU CAN JUST FORGET ABOUT PINNING HIM! i cannt do it! i searched it up on the internet, your suposably able to stand near the body press down and A to pin but does that work? no! of course not!

johnaj1973 Posted 13 years 4 months ago
yeah the wrestlers walked like they had corn cobs in the can...
HeMansDiaper Posted 13 years 11 months ago
The game after Wrestlemania that they show during the wireless controller commercial is Acclaims other piece of crap claim to fame, Airwolf.
musicradio77 Posted 15 years 4 months ago
What comes after the \"Wrestlemania\" video game, The Acclaim\'s Double Player Dual Wireless Controllers. I used to have the original remote controller a long time ago, but it has AA batteries. The dual wireless controllers that I\'ve never heard of using it on all games. No messy wires on that one. It has slow motion, twin turbo rapid fire and head-to-head 14 plays. I remember the batteries had died since I was stuck pressing buttions and directional buttons using a my wireless controller. The player dies. What the heck!
SummertmeBrews Posted 15 years 6 months ago
Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 15 years 10 months ago
Meh, never was into the wrestling games...
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