Sega Street Fight II Promo Video (1990)

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phenomenal1 Posted 13 years 2 months ago
will these moves still work for the new street fighter anniversary edition for the PS2
regroch Posted 13 years 11 months ago
LMAO i love the old slang "that move was bad!" lol the graphics on the sega version were kinda choppy... the snes version kicks ass.
GamerPro Posted 14 years 6 months ago
That kid looks like he has ADD.
the90steen Posted 14 years 9 months ago
oh man i remember this game! i still have my street fighter 1 game
gillz107 Posted 14 years 9 months ago
"...With new colors that you won't find anywhere else!" LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Hoganmann Posted 14 years 11 months ago
[email protected], he does do that shit to much. Did u hear him say tha Sega port was better than the arcade? OMG he said no lie too, smh.
Evil_Dr-_Spears Posted 15 years 4 months ago
I liked the Genesis but it did suck for fighting games. I mean, three buttons. Come on.
Jake_1079 Posted 15 years 8 months ago
street fighter 2 turbo on the super nintendo is better.
Plecostomus Posted 16 years 17 days ago
Someone needs to put that kid down! He had way too much excitment for this simple game.
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