Nickelodeon - Spartakus (1980)

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Sunni Posted 11 years 10 months ago
Wow, I remember when Nick used to show this bumper for several different shows.
Dessgeega Posted 14 years 11 months ago
I loved those mid-80's Nick intros where they had all those different shaped Nickelodeon logos going across the screen and an apropos one (I remember the bomb was also used for Dangermouse) would come to the front to introduce the next show. Both MCoG & Spartakus rocked, as did just about everything else on Nick at that time...
SummertmeBrews Posted 15 years 2 months ago
I never liked Spartakus, but "the Mysterious City of Gold" was pretty cool. I always wanted to ride on that Golden Falcon they flew in, classic stuff'
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