Nadia Movie on WTTG (1984)
Taken from 1984 Biography Movie.
100.7-105.7 La Kalle in Blah Blah Blah (2008)
Taken from 2008 San Francisco spanish pop/rock/reggaeton radio station with '05-'11.
Starr by Mattel (1979)
Taken from 1979.
Jenilee Harrison as Jamie Ewing Barnes US Magazine (1985)
Taken from 1985 former Three's Company/Dallas actress.
Don Knotts' Our Own Hardware Spring 1981 Sale Time (1981)
Taken from 1981 former late Search for Tomorrow/Andy Griffith Show/Three's Company/Matlock actor and comedian.
Norman Fell for Pepto-Bismol Tablets in Very Hard (1974)
Taken from 1974 former late Three's Company actor, film and TV.
Suzanne Somers for Ace Hardware in Musical Theatre (1979)
Taken from 1979 former Three's Company/Step by Step actress, author, singer, businesswoman and health spokesperson.
Joyce DeWitt's Sheer Toe Undie-L'eggs in Magician (1979)
Taken from 1979 former Three's Company actress.
Next on HBO (1978) (1978)
Next on HBO bumper from 1978.
HBO Intermission (1980)
HBO Intermission from 1980.
Domino's Pizza (2001)
Always Deliver.
Jif with Mrs. Sandy Gabel (1979)
Taken from 1979.
Tony Danza 10-10-321 w Two Watching Football on TV (1998)
Taken from 1998 former Taxi/Who's the Boss?/Family Law actor, TV personality, tap dancer, former professional boxer and teacher.
Quote O' Matic