Fresh Step Scoop in You Win (1998)
Taken from 1998.
Inside Edition on WCBS-TV CBS2 in So Angry/Sexiest (1998)
Taken from 1998 with Deborah Norville.
KDKA TV2 Eyewitness News - Here's 2 Lynn Sawyer (1978)
This promo was about consumer reporter Lynn Sawyer on TV2 Eyewitness News on CBS affiliate KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.
KDKA TV2 EWN - Here's 2 Wayne Van Dine (1978)
This promo was about the late great Wayne Van Dine, consumer report for Eyewitness News on CBS affiliate KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.
Baby Shark's Big Show: Fin-credible Week (10/4-8) (2021)
10/8/21: Brooklyn's "Daddy" faces off against the shrimp in a mini-golf game… "Caddyshack"-style.
KDKA TV2 Eyewitness News - Here's 2 Ray Tannehill (1978)
This promo was about the late Ray Tannehill on Eyewitness News on CBS affiliate KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.
Univision ID with Alejandra Guzmán in La Tatuaje (2004)
Alejandra Guzmán the Mexican rock singer and actress.
Univision ID with Luis Miguel in El Gong (2002)
Luis Miguel "El Sol de México" singer and record producer.
Univision ID with Karla Martínez in La Boxeadora (2002)
Karla Martínez the Mexican TV show hostess.
Univision ID w. Patricia Manterola Pompa de Jabón (2002)
Patricia Manterola the Mexican singer, presenter, actress and former Garibaldi dance group.
Anthony LaPaglia for Bran Flakes in Good (1991)
Taken from 1991 Australian former Without a Trace actor.
Barney & Friends - Time-Life Video Commercial (1993)
A 1993 commercial promoting the Time-Life VHS releases of "Barney & Friends" season 1 episodes.
JoePantoliano for Impact in The Late Harry Houdini (2008)
Taken from 2008 former Bad Boys film/Sopranos actor.
Nintendo 64: Banjo-Kazooie (6/12/2019) (1998)
6/12/19: The Bear and the Bird is raring to go on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”.
Nancy Marchand for Wonder White Bread The Library (1979)
Taken from 1979 former late Lou Grant/Sopranos actress.
Tony Sirico for Denny's w. Complete Breakfast Trio (2008)
Taken from 2008 former Sopranos actor.
Vincent Pastore for Pepsi in The Restaurant (1998)
Taken from 1998 former Sopranos actor.
Dominic Chianese for New! Sony Betamax SL-5000 (1982)
Taken from 1982 former Sopranos actor, singer and musician.
Honey Nut Cheerios with the Addams Family (1994)
1994 Halloween commercial.
Ashlee Simpson: Autobiography New Album 7/20/2004 (2004)
Taken from 2004 singer, songwriter, former 7th Heaven actress and dancer.
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