Daimler Chrysler GEM in Idea (2002)
Taken from 2002.
SpongeBob's Heroic Deeds Marathon: "2/20/2006" (2006)
Before SpongeBob & Patrick goes "Lost in Time", they had heroic deeds. (2/-12/2006)
Nissan Sentra in Brainstorming (2002)
Taken from 2002.
Nick Extra: A Closer Look - Patrick's Rock (2005)
AtB and BttS bumpers highlight Patrick's rock from "SpongeBob SquarePants".
Duke Power-Christmas Lights PSA (1989)
1989 Commercial.
Fruit of the Loom-Classic Christmas Ad (2000)
Classic holiday ad from 2000.
Butterball Turkey Collection (1980)
1980 commercial.
Butterball-Thanksgiving Turkey (1991)
1991 commercial.
Sears-Come See the Merry Side (1996)
1996 commercial.
Mattel's Juice Box: "Girl's Bedroom" (2004)
A girl compresses things in another girl's bedroom in order to create a NEW PMP from Mattel.
The Simpsons 600 Marathon on FXX: "Couch Gags" (2016)
The marathon starts on Thanksgiving '16 at noon pm/11am c on FXX.
Smile of a Child TV Promo (2011)
A promo for Smile of a Child TV.
Classroom Camera WEWS (1980)
Classroom Camera was a short educational children's program shown on WEWS Cleveland back in the 80'S.
Pink Panther Flakes Pink Panther vs. Pink Panther (1971)
The Pink Panther's Pink Panther Flakes are being taken by a smaller him on the box.
Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC: MMWorks (1999)
There's only one Mickey Mouse, and there's One Saturday Morning on ABC.
Owens Corning Pink Panther NBA Bag (1991)
A old ad for Owens Corning with The Pink Panther to win an NBA bag.
Nintendo 64 - Pokémon Stadium (2000)
Game Transfer Pak may included for N64.
Cartoon Network Sponsor: Subway Kids' Pack (1999)
The 48-hour "Mil-Looney-ium" marathon of "Bugs and Daffy" is sponsored by Subway. "The Way The Sandwich Should Be".
Disney's Doug on ABC and UPN: "7 Days a Week" (1999)
Beginning from 9/1999, Disney's Doug is on Sunday-Friday on your UPN station. Check local listings.
Rocky and Bullwinkle Cartoon Network Hat rack (1992)
Mistaking Bullwinkle's antlers for a hat rack.
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