Kmart-Return of the Blue Light (2001)
RIP Kmart 1967-2020
KPDX Special (1983) (1983)
Taken from 1983.
NBC Presents logo (2018) (2018)
Taken from 2018.
KPLR Too Close for Comfort/High Plains Drifter FM (1986)
Taken both with reruns from 1986 and 1973 Movie.
Tile Town Carpet City Everything's on Sale! (1986)
Network Music's Manhattan
KPLR Super Movie bumper (1985) (1985)
Taken from 1985.
Heidi's Song Movie Promo on KPLR (1986)
Taken from 1982 Movie with the late Lorne Greene, the late Sammy Davis Jr. and Margery Gray.
Pontiac Grand Am in The Keys (2001)
Taken from 2001.
New! Purina Beneful (2001)
Taken from 2001.
New! Formula Borateem (1979)
Taken from 1979.
Mijares for Sabritas (Aunque No Estés) (2000)
Taken from 2000 Mexican Spanish AC pop singer and Escápate Conmigo film actor.
Hard Copy Coming 9/18/1989 on WCBS-TV (1989)
Taken from 1989 with Alan Frio and Terry Murphy.
Quote O' Matic
  • "I got these small hands. I got a little girl's hands" -Jake La Motta
  • Raging Bull