Lucero: Con Mi Sentimiento New Album (1990)
Taken from 1990 "La Novia de América" Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, TV presenter and businesswoman.
Las Chicas del Can: Explosivo New Album (1992)
Taken from 1992 Dominican former all-female merengue group.
Javier Solís: La Historia/Leonardo Favio Antología (1992)
Taken from 1992 both late with Javier's "El Rey del Bolero Ranchero" Mexican singer and actor and Leonardo's Argentine singer, screenwriter and actor.
Cristina on Univision En Noviembre w. Julio Sabala (1990)
Taken from 1990 "El Hombre de las Mil Caras" Dominican impressionist, comedian, singer and actor.
Buenos Días, Mediodía on WXTV in Tri-Estatal (1990)
Taken from 1990 with Luis Velasco, Pedro Luis García and Deborah Carthy-Deu.
Total (1984)
Don't come to us by chance with Subtitles. I honestly do not know what year is this Commercial.
Total (1984)
Sport Results with Subtitles. I honestly do not know what year is this Commercial.
WABC-TV ABC 7 EOE Notice (2002)
Taken from 2002.
WABC-TV Station ID (1973) (1973)
Taken from 1973.
ABC ID (1999) (1999)
Taken from 1999.
PBS Kids Bumper-Onomatopoeia (1999)
1999 bumper introduced in the "Dot & Dash" bumper era.
Muntz TV (1952)
Wouldn't you already have bought one of those new-fangled TV sets if you were seeing this ad?
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese-Scooby Doo (2001)
2001 Commercial-oni
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