News 12 Networks - Makes A Difference... (2019)
This promo about News 12 Networks' Makes A Difference in your community in the tri-state area.
News 12 Networks - The Most Meteorologists... (2019)
This promo about the most weather meteorologists of News 12 Networks in the Tri-State area.
Ad Council: Drunk Driving Prevention (2001)
Sara, Taylor, and Brandy Wiggins
WPVI 6ABC Million Dollar Movie close (2015)
Here's the 2015 closing for the Million Dollar Movie on the ABC O&O station WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.
Sports Illustrated's Speed (1987)
This promo for a series of sports tapes came from a 1987 HBO preview tape.
Caltex (1990)
Carry the Caltex Star.
Apple Macintosh I'm the computer man (1995)
Old commercial for a Macintosh, saying that Windows 95 is plug and pray.
WFIL Channel 6 ident (1957)
This classic WFIL-TV ident came from 1957, 14 years before the call letters changed to the current WPVI-TV.
Warner Home Video's Screen Legends (1987)
Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Paul Newman and Liberace are featured in this promo from a 1987 Warner Home Video preview tape.
Golden Grahams-Fan (1999)
1999 commercial.
News 12 Long Island - We're Closer to You ID (2000)
This News 12 Long Island ident from 2000.
Steve Madden (1997)
As seen in Wolf of Wall Street.
WDSI-TV Fox 61 Chattanooga Station ID (1990)
WDSI-TV 61 Fox Afflilate Chattanooga, TN.
Dic Entertainment (1984)
This is the computerized graphics version of the Dic Entertainment ident.
Toonami - Metal Slug X Game Review (480p) (2001)
Uploaded to YouTube by CabooseJr. MISSION ALL OVER! With the music "Arabic" by JBV.
The Simpsons Virtual Springfield Promo (1997)
From YouTube's Video Junkyard. Short promo for Virtual Springfield - released for Mac and PC in 1997 (taken from every the Best of the Simpsons).
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