Nicktoons Summer Beach House Theme Song (2002)
2002 promo on SpongeBob Day.
Mountain King Live Action Commercial (1983)
Uploaded to YouTube by Joe Bob Tarheel. And this game plays Peer Gynt.
NBC Daytime - DOOL - This Week (week of 10/28/85) (1985)
This promo was for Days of Our Lives for the week of October 28, 1985.
NBC NN w/LH - DNA Magic Box - Tonight (4/8/2019) (2019)
This promo for the April 8, 2019 broadcast of NBC Nightly News about the DNA Magic Box.
NBC NN w/LH - Youth Welfare - This Week (4/8/2019) (2019)
This promo about Youth Welfare on NBC Nightly News for the week of April 8, 2019.
NBC NN w/LH - Measles Outbreak ad for (4/15/2019) (2019)
This promo for the April 15, 2019 broadcast of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, on Measles Outbreak.
William Shatner The Band Spoken Word (2000)
Taken from 2000 Canadian former Star Trek films/T.J. Hooker/Boston Legal actor, voice artist, author, producer, director and former Rescue 911 host.
New! Aveeno Positively Radiant (2002)
Taken from 2002.
Ford Explorer (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) (2002)
Taken from 2002 Bachman-Turner Overdrive song.
Derek Jeter/Nomar Garciaparra/Mike Malley's Fleet (2002)
Taken from 2002 Derek's former New York Yankees player, Nomar's Boston Red Sox player and Mike's former Get the Picture/Guts host/Yes, Dear actor.
Arsenio Hall for 1-800-COLLECT in Water Fountain (2000)
Taken from 2000 comedian, former talk show host, actor, writer and producer.
WTZA The Cosby Show - Weeknights (1988)
This promo about rerun episodes of the 80s comedy series "The Cosby Show" on WTZA-TV.
WTZA Classic Laughs Hour Lineup (1988)
This promo about WTZA-TV's Lineup of Classic Laughs Hour, like ''The Mary Tyler Moore Show'' and ''The Bob Newhart Show''.
WTZA Channel 62 - Hudson Valley Television ident (1988)
This WTZA (now WRNN) channel 62 ident from Late 1988.
News 12 Brooklyn - Marine Park (2019)
This was another of the News 12 Brooklyn's You're Watching... bumper. This time: Marine Park.
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