The Krofft Superstar Hour 9/9/1978 on NBC (1978)
Taken from 1978 with Bay City Rollers.
HotBot in Political Scandals (1998)
Taken from 1998.
HBO Cinemax Feature Presentation (The Palette) (1988)
Before there was "HBO Max", There was "HBO Cinemax".
Wendy's: $5 Biggie Bag - Major Bag Alert (2021)
Secure your bag… where no one in a spaceship sound a "bag alert".
Wagner in Do It (2020)
Taken from 2020.
Sun Chips (Ain't No Sunshine) (2017)
Taken from 2017 song like the late Bill Withers.
New! Sun Chips (1991)
Taken from 1991.
Hot Wheels Color FX by Mattel (1994)
Taken from 1994.
Quote O' Matic
  • "Done Drill Sargent!"
    "GUMP!! Why did you put that weapon together so quickly Gump?
    "....(softer) You told me to, Drill Sargent."
    "Jesus H. Christ. This is a new company record (looking at stop watch).If it wouldn't be a waste of such a damn fine enlisted man, I'd recommended you for O.C.S., Priv...
  • Forrest Gump