The Flintstones 1989 WNYW 5 Promo (1989)
From YouTube, the 1989 WNYW 5 promo for The Flinstones.
7-Eleven (2014)
50 Cents Coffee.
7-Eleven (2014)
Doritos Loaded.
Circle K (2012)
Polar Pop Cold Drink.
Casey's General Store (2005)
Casey's Pizza.
Allsup's (1986)
Allsup's French Fries.
Nintendo Game Boy-Original Commercial (1989)
Original 1989 launch commercial.
Samurai Pizza Cats 1997 WXON 20 Promo (1997)
From YouTube, the 1997 WXON 20 promo of the Saban dub of the show.
The Fifth Dimension Sings "Buckle Up" (1988)
A cameo-loaded PSA about seatbelt safety...
Fruit Brute-Original Commercial (1979)
The first commercial for another failed Monster Cereal.
Yummy Mummy-Original Commercial (1980)
First ad for the short-lived fourth of the Monster Cereals.
Franken Berry (1984)
1984 ad.
Boo Berry-Original Commercial (1973)
Debut ad for Boo Berry Cereal from 1973 complimenting my upload of the original Count Chocula/Franken Berry ad.
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