Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Playstation Commercial (1999)
Uploaded to YouTube by 90s Commercials. This is a parody of the stop-motion TV series "Davey & Goliath."
New! Breyers Ice Cream Parlor (2000)
Taken from 2000.
Yahoo!: "Get It All" - Dolphin (2002)
Does Dolphins dreams of Yahoo! on the internet?
Tide Deep Clean: 11/23/01 Sponsor (2001)
Tide laundry detergent sponsors the CBS premiere of "The Rugrats Movie" (1998).
Mattel Electronics' Intellivision: Galactic News (1982)
Two-minute, rotoscoped theatrical spot for Intelligent Television from Mattel.
WOIO Knight Rider Promo (1989)
A 1989 promo for"Knight Rider"on WOIO Cleveland.
WOIO The Fly Promo (1989)
1989 promo for"The Fly"taken from WOIO Cleveland,Ohio.
WEWS Live on 5 Promo (1986)
A 1986 promo for"Live on 5"featuring retired newscaster Wilma Smith.
WEWS Movie 5 Bumper (1986)
A 1986 Movie 5 bumper taken from WEWS Cleveland.Notice this bumper doesn't have the usual day of the week title.
WCLQ Seasons Greetings Bumper (1981)
A 1981 holiday bumper taken from the defunct WCLQ Cleveland,Ohio.
The Aluminum Siding Corporation Garfield 12323 (1985)
2 commercials for Cleveland Ohio based business The Aluminum Siding Corporation .
WOIO We're 19,In Stereo,In Cleveland,In B&W (1986)
A 1986 ID bumper taken from WOIO Cleveland,Ohio.
Reynolds Wrap That's Not Fair (1986)
A 1986 commercial for Reynolds Wrap.
WOIO Perry Mason Promo (1986)
A 1986 promo for"Perry Mason"taken from WOIO Cleveland,Ohio.
WOIO ID Bumper Kids (1986)
A 1986 ID bumper taken from WOIO Cleveland,Ohio.
Golden Graham Diver (1986)
A 1986 commercial for Golden Grahams.
Ed Mullinax Ford (1986)
A 1986 commercial for Ed Mullinax Ford in Amherst,Ohio.
Crispy Wheats N Raisins (1986)
A 1986 commercial for Crispy Wheats N Raisins.
WOIO Cleveland Trivia Game (1986)
A 1986 commercial promoting the WOIO Cleveland Trivia contest.
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