WCBS Ch.2 News 6PM - WTASFYC? - Monday ident (1984)
This video ident about New York's Channel 2 News 6PM weeknight newscast on What toys are safe for your child?, to be aired for December 3, 1984.
NHL: If This Cup Could Talk (2017)
This commercial about 125 years of the most professional sports trophy in North America: the Stanley Cup.
NHL: 100 Years - Nickname (2016)
This commercial about 100 years of NHL nicknames.
NHL: 100 Years - Fans (2016)
This commercial about 100 years of NHL fans.
NHL: 100 Years (2017)
This commercial about 100 years of NHL Hockey.
Nintendo Power magazine (1988)
The first issue may came in 1988 before it ends in 2012 from the final issue.
Nintendo NES - Power Pad (1988)
Featuring World Class Track Meet game.
Nintendo SNES - I Want It All (UK) (1992)
Same thing from American commercial in 1991 may edited them out from UK version in 1992 about SNES.
WNBC Santa Barbara - Starting Promo for Jan. 22 (1990)
This was WNBC-TV's promo for the NBC daytime soap "Santa Barbara" weekdays at noon, starting Monday Jan. 22, 1990.
Magic Movie Promo on WNEW-TV (1985)
Taken from 1978 Movie with Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret and the late Burgess Meredith.
A Night at the Opera Movie Promo on WNEW-TV (1985)
Taken from 1935 Movie with all late Marx Brothers, Kitty Carlisle, Allan Jones and Margaret Dumont.
Jayce/She-Ra/He-Man/Thundercats This Fall! on WNEW (1985)
Taken quadruple cartoons from 1985.
The Mask New Album Soundtrack (1994)
Taken from 1994.
WVIT The Cartells Promo (1986)
This promo from WVIT Channel 30 had the Cartells singing in harmony.
ONTV Subscription Television ID/ Rated PG (1983)
ONTV ID and PG rating Bumper.
Quote O' Matic
  • Chucky( Charles lee ray): Hi I'm chucky,wanna play?
    -Chucky( Charles lee ray)
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