Yoplait - Little Tricks: Latest Boyfriend (2013)
General Hospital young actress Haley Pullos talks about little tricks in this Yoplait commercial.
Diet Coke - Now w/NutraSweet - Kelly LeBrock (1985)
This commercial that had actress Kelly LeBrock at the end.
WTPI 107.9 Lite Rock (2003)
This commercial had Leeza Gibbons talking about Indisnspolis's Lite Rock station: WTPI-FM 107.9.
WFSB Emergency Alert System Test - April 28, 2000 (2000)
This EAS test bumper came from April 28, 2000 for CBS affiliate station WFSB in Connecticut.
Beamer Videophone (1999)
This commercial had B&B actress Hunter Tylo telling about the Beamer Videophone.
DiFrense - Hunter Tylo (1990)
This commercial had then-new B&B actress Hunter Tylo washing off the clown face make up.
Hulu - Never Upgrade To 3-Ply (2018)
This commercial had comedian/actress Sarah Silverman talking about the 3-Ply never upgrade for Hulu.
Woolite in Two Females Says (1970)
Taken from 1970.
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