Nike - Jordan Fakes His Retirement
Aired: 1990
Added: May 01, 2012
By: System
12 years ago
You can not be serious Squidman. No it did not really happen, just in case you were...The fact that it's Steve Martin covering the story and not Barbara Walters should have given that away.....If not the utter ridiculousness of it all.
    15 years, 4 months ago
    That's cool. But seriously, is all of this real? I don't know that much about basketball. Is the popcorn tape and the interviews with the players real? Did Michael really disguise himself to play at basketball games?
      15 years, 4 months ago
      You can't blame the guy for loving the sport!
        15 years, 4 months ago
        He retired in October 1993 and then returned in March 1995, and of course went on to win 3 more championships until retiring again in October 1998

        ....only to come back to the NBA in September 2001 with the Wizards and then retied again in 2003 for good.

        Greatest of All-Time :)
          15 years, 4 months ago
          and moments later after the help of some toons (Or rather him helping the Toons with wayne knight and Bill Murray) He Decides to stick with the bulls just to lose hi touch and Retire for real. plus the fact That he got sick of Rodman who is just a F$$^%$^% freak!!

          Yeah this was a joke review :-p
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