Transformers jetfire
Aired: 1980
Added: May 01, 2012
1 year, 9 months ago
Well, since Jetfire and Shockwave were created by Bandai and Toyco respectively, they cannot be reissued...

But, you can get these two good substitutes easily as following --
*Generations Leader Class Jetfire (Use the Siege Jetfire as a CHUG Jetfire)
*MP-29+ Shockwave (toy deco) (Use the FT-03 Quakewave as a CHUG Shockwave)
    10 years, 6 months ago
    I still have this guy. He's in decent condition too except he has no gun.
      14 years, 1 month ago
      My bad.
        14 years, 2 months ago
        In the comics jetfire was made by shockwave and turned into a autobot by buster and optimus prime.

        Shockwave went to earth in transformers the movie and is seen attacking autobot city in one scene.

        It's the scene with the red reflector that looked like ironhide.
          14 years, 2 months ago
          Sorry mertrae but you're wrong there. It was Skyfire in the cartoon, not Jetfire (although we all know Skyfire was supposed to be Jetfire).

          The commercials never referenced the cartoon or comics directly instead summing up the new toys in a few short snappy soundbites.
            14 years, 2 months ago
            The commercial says that the autobots created him, but according to the cartoon series he was a friend of Starscream before the war started. He crashed on Earth in the ice, and the Decepticons thawed him out to help them. They told him the Autobots were evil and that the Decepticons were heros. After seeing them interact for a while, he knew Megatron was full of it. He then ripped off his Decepticon insignia and put on an Autobot one.

            As for Shockwave, he never went to Earth to my knowedge. He was one of the few Decepticons that remained on Cybertron while Megatron and the others left. Yet for some reason they show him on earth.

            I think the ones who made the cartoon and the ones who made the commercials needed to communicate better.
              14 years, 3 months ago
              Jetfire was a robotech toy repainted into jetfire.

              Hasbro got the rights to use macross in this one toy.

              The toy will never be rereleased so it's hard to find today!
                14 years, 4 months ago
                Oh yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about. Transformers before those stupid toys with all of the extra parts. :)
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