One to grow on 4
Aired: 1980
Added: May 01, 2012
By: System
12 years, 1 month ago
i miss watching these
    12 years, 8 months ago
    What they didn't show is that after she said that, the guy broke into the house and killed all three of them.
      13 years, 3 months ago
      Ok since when does come back later work? If that were a real situation the "magazine salesman" woulda just kicked down the door and did whatever he came to do anyway...nice try N...B....C.... if that is in fact your real name
        13 years, 6 months ago
        I remember these on NBC.
          14 years, 4 months ago
          Those were cool. It sucks that they no longer show those on tv.
            14 years, 5 months ago
            They sure did a goodjob of scaring the shit out of us in the 80's! One to grow on HA!
              14 years, 9 months ago
              He had more than magazines behind that door har, har!
                14 years, 9 months ago
                I always liked how the vacum cleaner and the girl who says,"I want the ball" were in sync with the music. Notice?
                  14 years, 9 months ago
                  So, the guy must've heard them when they asked who was at the door. I would hope that my front door isn't that thin.
                    14 years, 10 months ago
                    yes, remember these. I remember a variant "ONE TO PEE ON" spoofs we used to do on this commercial too. funny stuff.
                      14 years, 10 months ago
                      I remember One To Grow On very well. :) It was one of my favourite PSAs.
                        14 years, 10 months ago
                        Oh, Jo from "The Facts of Life", with a moral lesson for you and me. This had to be about '85 or '86. I remember "One to Grow On" being listed in the Sat AM cartoon-lineup. There were ones with Kirk Cameron and Michael J Fox, and all sorts of youth-oriented celebrities, I think. The kids they had in these were always kinda weird, I thought. How about the Trapper-Keeper binder in the middle kid's arms??
                        The animation of the kid eating the sundae (glass and all) then turning into a pig and then turing into a vacum bag always kinda bothered me.
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