GoBots: Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles
Aired: 1980
Added: May 01, 2012
By: System
13 years, 3 months ago
Someone on You Tube suggested that it might be Dan Gilvezean but I don't think it's him.
    13 years, 5 months ago
    at first i thought it was a Mark Hammill's stand in for Return of the Jedi, then i realized it was just crappy video quality.
      13 years, 6 months ago
      I've been trying to figure out who that guy is for 20 years and I still haven't been able to figure out who he is?
        13 years, 7 months ago
        "They appear to be mighty robots but you change them into mighty vehicles; Gobots and Super Gobots each sold seperately."

        Gobots Gobots
        Gobots Gobots
        Gobots Gobots
        Mighty robots
        Mighty Vehicles

        "Gobots and Super Gobots, Destroyer, Cy-Kill, and Leader-1. Each sold seperately from Tonka."

        I had a Pathfinder toy when I was a child but her helmet just came off in my hand.
          13 years, 8 months ago
          Mighty robots, Mighty vehicles, GOBOTS!
            15 years, 9 months ago
            My thing about Gobots is that the TV show didn't last very long, I think it was only 1 season, before they decided to move on to something else.
            No channels, that I'm aware of, have picked it up since and it's not going to be on DVD anytime soon.
              15 years, 9 months ago
              This commercial bring back memories
                15 years, 9 months ago
                Why do you think he was chosen to star in this ad? He wasn't chosen based on his looks. That should say: "Creepy Looking Guy Talking About Go Bots." I don't know who that guy is but it seems too creepy for a grown man to be talking about and playing with Go Bots. Of course I was only 7 when Gobots came out so it shouldn't be so surprising that I collect all things transformable.
                  15 years, 9 months ago
                  This guy likes playing with Go-Bots WAAAAY too much.
                    15 years, 10 months ago
                    Go-Bots... a complete cheap rip-off of Transformers. A distant 2nd place and the quality showed.

                    I remember when transformed into the vehicle or whatever, sometimes it just wouldn't stay. I had at least a dozen Go-Bots but much more Transformers. It was like you flip one thing, pull another thing out, turn it upsidedown and there's the robot! This commercial even shows how simple it is. At least Transformers tried to make an effort to differeniate the robot & vehicle.
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