Cartoon Network (Tujunga, CA): 5/12/05 Commercials - 10am
Aired: 2005
Added: January 14, 2022
National and Local Tujunga, CA adverts from the 5/12/05 10am airing of the 'Foster's' three-parter "House of Bloo". Including one from the KND gang.
12 days, 5 hours ago

Excluding Promos, Bamzu infomercials and a couple movie adverts.

  • National: Big G's Lucky Charms [Marshmallows]; Chuck E. Cheese's; Tootsie Roll Pop [iconic .15]; MGA's Bratz BIG Babyz; Big G's Reese's Puffs; Dell Solutions Center; Hefty: NEW Zoo Pals Zoo Babies; Codename: KND for MLB Baseball Cards; Game Boy Advance: WarioWare Twisted!; Betty Crocker's Foot by the Foot: NEW 3D X-treme!
  • Local: Sierra Acura; Southern CA Volvo Dealers: 1-800-The-Law2; Jason's Honda/Acura; Click It or Ticket (California)
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