Hi tinytoonlover here In my spare time I'm a investigator what I do is watch old TV shows and pick out the sexism and racism it's amazing what u can find and fun as putting a cloths peg on your cat's tail and watch it run full speed around the house don't worry I don't do it that's my sick sense of humor I get the videos from youtube.com.

Animaniacas: Now everyone knows the visual sex like Hello Nurse, Minerva yada, yada, yada but the verbal jokes are the funniest things every like Yakko he blasted out Howard Stern that's right radio asshole Howard Stern, and if u say anything remotely near sex he comes back by blowing a kiss at the audience and says "Good night everybody!" With his brother Wakko they have sexually interest at a young age with the lovable catch phrase "Hellllllllllooo Nurce!" Slappy Squirrel is just a big Jew Joke but I still love her.
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Tiny Toons: Ok your gonna say "How the fuck is he going to get some dirt on Tiny Toons?" Well I'm going to point out BABS BUNNY I've counted 2 things that she was involved in and the said she worked at a restaurant called get ready... wait... Big Weenie Burger! sounds harmless until u hear their motto "Our hot dogs are large and not to teeny so come over to our place and eat the big weenie." Yeah I thought to myself boy I hope the meat's not diseased, the racist thing was and episode where Babs imitated the others like everyone's favorite skunk Fifi Bab's stated "La sigh my boyfriends has stud me up more then the French national anthem" now if it was me I would jump across the table and stab here with my fork. But Babs dose something good with her mocking by mocking Plucky and says "I'm Plucky Duck a silly green duck with a ego the size of Cleavland." Translated " I'm Plucky Duck a silly green duck with a huge dick!"
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Road Rovers: Nothing to say so I'll just sing "and the kid's middle name is Sonovovich YA!" now I HATE puns but that 1 is legendary cause if u go on Wikipedia it'll say that it was a pun on the phrase “son of a bitch". OK next song "Jingle balls jingle balls jingle all the balls" both songs were sung by Exile with a little help from Coleen and Blitz
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if you want to see more fucked up shit go on http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=sonicsuks