Japanimation,OR, Anime. Som people say they dont like them. I cant see why. They are, (to me) The greatest type of animation around. You can go watch Transformers, and you know what, thats okay, but when you think about it, how much animation outside of Japan is not for children? There is so much enphasis on CHILDRENS animation, that there is no room left for what those good old animes did. Do you remember: "Astro Boy"? That was sttarted in the 50's in Japan as a comic book. It was mainly for children. In the 60's, a TV show was started and abrubtly finshed, though already MANY episodes aired. In the 80s, another 50 episode version. And in 2003, another 50 episode version. NOw that was the first Anime saga of all time. It was for children, but throughout the years, Anime has involved into an obseession for many types of audiences. Probably the best 80's examples I can fish out are "Ghost in the SHell" and "Akira". NOw you HAVE To remember those. They were popular worldwide. Those were extremely violent had swearing, and were animated. A concept rarely touched upon in American animation at the time. NOw we have thinhe Simpsons and sSouth Park, but that doesnt match the level of Maturity needed for most anime.

One of the biggest issues of Anime is Dubbing. Quite oftenly, Anime sagas are ruined in their entirety by the process of dubbing to english. They are usually never good, AT ALL. And sometimes, we, in North America do not Get Acces To the original Japanese Versions, and THAT Is what cheeses me off. Pokemon for an excellent example, is Japanese, but have you ever seen the Japanese footage? NO. We cant have it because the Funimation company is so obbsessed with their dubs. So when the oppertunity to see the original and far better version is given to us, seize it. Turn on those subtitiles if you have to, and watch it in Japanese. It is how it was meant to be seen.

There is only 1 anime that I watch in English. That, is Dragon Ball. I dont know why, but I just find the English version better. It's odd...but that is my only exception.

Anyway, once again, personnaly anime is my favourite animation style and it deserves better than the abuse the amerucan companies give it.
-Thank You.