Mortal Kombat was a reaction to Capcom's Street Fighter Series. But hey lets get back to the games

We go back to the days of the Arcade when the first Mortal Kombat was released. Here is a timeline
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This is the game that started it all. The controversy, The fans, The Fatatlities. Yes who could forget about the Fatalities?. I mean they're all gruesome in their own way. The fatality system is what made Mortal Kombat controversial and it also made it cool, But also congress got into the act and demanded that this game has some kind of rating on it, thus the E.S.R.B was born. With the sucess of their fighting game Midway decides to make a sequel.

1993: MK 2
The hit sequel to the popular Mortal Kombat game featured more characters, blood, arena, and fatalities with the addition of Friendships. MK 2 hit the mark of The MK franchise by making it superior than its predecessor.
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The game did well that MK had spawned a t.v series and a comic book. Mortal Kombat was beginning.

1995: Mk 3 & (ultimate)
MK 3 was not too popular with fans. This being the lack of the popular characters (Scorpion, Raiden, Johnny Cage). and also the kombat Zones such as the Sub-way and city streets fans though to be uninteresting.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was an update of the MK3 but had new characters with the cast of the original MK3. .UMK3 has all of the Mortal Kombat 3 fighters plus all of the ninja characters left out from Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II:
* Jade
* Kitana
* Scorpion
* Smoke, robot form. Smoke was originally a hidden character in MK3, but is now a normal playable character
*Ermac (Info from Wikipedia)
And also Fatalities return, along with Friendships, animality and babality
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1997: MK4
Where to start? How about this
(Wikipedia info) initial reaction to the new 3D look of the series (as is often the case with long running series) was negative, but MK4 managed to be a financial success due to an aggressive advertisement campaign which included a set of live action adverts filmed in Mexico and a US-wide tour of the arcade version by the game's creators which helped spread the word.

MK4 was also to be the last Mortal Kombat game released in the arcades due to a dramatic drop in arcade popularity around 2000.(Thanks to Wikipedia for the info)
Also The technology was high-tech for it's time.
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As we head towards the next generation. A new opprotunity for MK has opened up.

2002: MK Deadly Alliance
Mk Deadly Alliance brought back the franchise of The Mortal Kombat Series with full rendered 3D graphics new controls and new story line The future of Mortal Kombat has been begun
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2004: A new Mortal Kombat called Deception
Deception is a popular MK games featuring the signature uppercut and the greates fatalities that Midway has come up with, and the Hara-kiri.
The game featured new characters as well as old ones.
There is improved Konquest and Krypt. as well the soundtrack for the game.
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2006: The end of the current gen. Armageddon
Armageddon was a disappointment to some fans as it got mixed reviews for the gameplay getting old and the new features and some lacking. The biggest change is the Fatality system with user-created finishing moves. And the Konquest is slightly better. But Motor Kombat is absurd. It has the hugest MK roster up to date. But fans were not satisfied with the first roster. They put down petition please add this character and stuff like that.article image.

As the ending for the current Gen consoles come to an end. Mortal Kombat never be forgotten as it changed the world of Gaming.

Hope you enjoy.