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Okay! Growing up in the late 1980s we weird enough. But at the age of 5 there was a commercial on TV that scared me so bad. That I had freaking nightmares. NO KIDDDING!. It was the infamous Rascals bite sized chewy candies (not to be confused with the hard shelled fruit shape ones you see at a candy bulk store). I remember most of it so well, it's not even funny.

ANNOUNCER: They're coming!!! They're wild!!! They're rascally!!!

GIRL#1: They're here! They're here! AaaaaaaaaH!

ANNOUNCER: Rascals, new bite sized chewie candies!

(Boy is talking in a phone booth about colors)

ANNOUNCER: With real fruit flavors

BOY #2: Haven't seen any on Earth.

ANNOUNCER: Packed incredible numbers

BOY#3: There's so many of them.

(Girl #2 holds and empty bag then her head spins)

(Girl #3 says something)

ANNOUNCER: Get them, before they get you!!!

(Scary piano plays four notes)

Don't ask me how I remember all that!

Anyway I spend the last eight years on the Internet finding a video clip of that commercial. No luck since. I hope one day will post that commercial on Youtube or Retro Junk. That way I would figure why that commercial used to scare me.