Sex ...clothes..popularity,whatever!,yes im talkin about clueless!THE MOST AWESOMEST 90'S TEEN MOVIES EVER MADE ! this movie starred Alicia Sliverstone as Cher Horowitz ,a popular high school girl who thinks that being cool and fashionably dressed makes someone a good person .Her best friend is Dionne ,played well by Stacy Dash ,and Dionne's boyfriend is Murray ,portrayed by donald Fasion from the tv show Scrubs ,the group is lead by Elton ,the most popular boy at beverly hills high ,where the gang goes to school .Others individuals who go to the school are travis ,a skater stoner kid who falls in love with Tai ,a frump girl turned cool by Cher and dionne.tai is played by Brittney murphey from Uptown girls ,and Travis is play by brekin meyers.In the movie Cher and Dionne
help Tai become cool at school ,but Cher is developing a crush on christian ,a gay rat packer ,but catches the eye of her ex step brother josh (paul rudd).And ends up being her boyfriend.Cher also has to deal with her strict father played by dan hedaya .In the movie ,Cher has to struggle with getting her license to drive ,pressures of school ,and other trial's and tribulations of daily teenage life.Cher and Dionne also help to hook up ther teacher 's to raise their grades at school

In my opinon this movie is one of the best teen movies made in the 90's .And its all thanks to the fine director Amy Heckerling who also directed Fast Times At Ridgemont high ,another great film .
This film was made into a tv show with a whole new cast ,thanks 4 reading my article !