I was not born on the island, but moved to it shortly after my birth. My parents, were coasties. And they had met while they were stationed in Portsmouth, NH. 10 months later, I'm here. I was born in Portland, ME on November 1st. two weeks later, My parents and i moved to Nantucket.

I remember Christmas of 1989, because I got a Donald Duck punching bag thing (the kind that when you punch it, it comes back up) The next year, was another one I remember, because a large thunderstorm blew our windows out. That storm, was part of TS LILI . The year 1991, was not good at all. My baby sister, Josephine, died after 10 weeks of struggle. She is now buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

Over the course of the year, my parents marriage was strained. Hurricane BOB, was my first major hurricane I remember. It was very odd, just to see the sun shine through the eye. I remember meeting my grandfather, in Wakefield, this year as well.

My parents called it quits in 1993, and my mother and i moved across town to the "Ghetto" of Nantucket.
I was regarded as one of the cool kids in Kindergarten, because I had all of the cool tools sets. I also ate Hidden treasures cereal, as well as count chocula and Booberry.
My saturday mornings, always consisted of cartoons. In the afternoons, in season, Mom and I would go to the beach.
My dad would pick me up on Saturday nights, and I would eat at his house. I would watch SNICK.

The big snow of 1996, was awesome! a week off school, and big drifts, as tall as the first floor.
The rest of the year was alright.

Best things:

No traffic lights
No Mcdonalds


Bigg Mixxx
Hidden Treasures
Sprinkle Spangles
Pop Tarts Crunch
Froot Loops