Well most of u seen my child hood in the 90's go check it out but before you do check this out My life in the 2000's. (Pictures at the bottom)

2000: i was in kindergarten the shows were great they still had the classics but they did come out with sponge bob square pants it was a great show for a little bit. I had my n64 still i played that i loved it came with some more Mario party’s new adventure games u know. I t was practically like 1999 only T.V, had more shows Disney great cartoon network great Nickelodeon Great nothing changed at all. I was in love with pokemon it was like everything was great.

2001: i was in 1st grade T.V. still great they still showed the classics Sponge bob got popular. Cartoon network... they stopped showing Cow and Chicken they showed some Anime i loved it i was hooked on Dragon Ball Z and especially digimon i was upsest with that at the beginning of 1st grade id come home do homework lie down on my couch and watch angry beavers and up next Kablam then id turn to DigiMon watch that.

2002: i started 2nd grade the classic shows on Nick Cancelled they stopped showing Fox Kids at the end of the year so no DigiMon i was pissed i remember me flipping the cannels that day i almost cried i flipped on ABC Family it was right there only there was no Tie or Agumon there was like new crap i hated it. Cartoon Network i didn’t care for it i was upsest with DBZ (dragon Ball Z) after Digimon died. Nick Fairly Odd Parents was on and Sponge bob was on i was gunna shoot my T.V. i flipped it to Disney i actually started watching it there was something called Zoog Disney if u remember that i liked me and my sister would watch even Stevens and lizzie mquire good shows. I also had an obsession for Yu-Gi-Oh too.

2003: i was in 3rd grade i loved Dragon Ball Z id come home from school flip on Dragon Ball at 6:00 and watch DBZ at 6:30 Nickelodeon i watched i just didn’t care for it Disney i watched. Video games 2003 i got my Game cube sad i know i loved it i always wanted a game cube but i got on 2003 i was like come on its 2003 i had to get it now. Super smash bros melee obsession but something was missing in the game something that made me miss the original. I also came across Nicktoons in 03 with the classic Nick Shows I was so exited.

2004: i was in 4th grade i loved DBZ until it came to an end they started showing DBGT (dragon Ball GT) i didn’t like it at all but it got cancelled in 2005 if i remember? 2004 wasn’t much thought it didn’t change since 2003 well at least i didn’t change i had no life in 04 pretty much.

2005: i was a 5th Grader i changed i changed allot i stopped watching nick for a while and cartoon network Disney died nothing was really on i started to become a hardcore skateboarder i stopped wearing dragon ball z shirts from 04. Stopped wearing blue jeans with holes in them i started wearing sk8r clothes like baker clothes and corduroys that were semi-tight wore some skateboard company shirts i really changed since then.

2006-2007: Well now im a 6th grader im really good at skateboarding i don’t even bother watching nick cause it has naked brothers band, el tigre, fairly odd parents, and at talking sponge cartoon network turned into a squirrel boy and my gym partners a monkey. Disney god it sucks now! Toon Disney got taken over by Jagex Nicktoons isn’t even what it was in 03 now its pretty much like Nickelodeon. Now the only thing i watch on T.V. is Mtv but MTv isn’t even a Music Television now it has REALITY SHOWS it sucks i only like Jackass, Viva La Bam, Bams unholy Union and Rob and Big. But i will never forget my 90's childhood.

Here are some pics we will al miss and remember

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