well i didnt get to charish it much but i was bron 1994 i remember me comin down stairs flippin on barney but im not gunna go that far. it was 1996 when i started watchin Rockos modern life,article image. Ren and Stimpy,article image Doug, article image and KABLAM article image AND ANGRY BEAVERs article image and ALOT OF RUGRATSarticle image
and i remember my dad telling me not to watch one of the best cartoon network shows COW AND CHICKEN. but i did anyway.article image Also i remember going in my front room watchin my big sister and our niegbors who were boys so she did alot of boy things anyway watching her play the NES,article image. witch i was starting to play at 3 years old i pwned and thats when i got upsest with MARIO.. I remember flipin the channels to Nick the commercails KICKED ASS listen to ants singning nick theme and 3 guys in a yellow suit singin the nick theme and those animals walkin around with a big tv on them singing nick theme. goin to school u always here friends singing it. goin to our nieghbors playing with there sega genisesarticle image. i remember i was either Mario for one day warring overalls and a red hat cutting out a mustache out of construction paperarticle image. then next day id be Sonic mostly wearing blue running around the house like a spazz.article image. then i got my n64 for christmas in 1998.article image begging my mom qoute "Mommy please can i get the nintendo 64 With Super Smash bros. Pwitty Pwease". Mom Says oh well see i all ways friggen hated those words but i got it and soon i started to love them. i remember goin oustide walking around in circles outside.my sister and our nieghbors playing make believe power rangers she loved LOL. DAMN IT 1999 that stupid sponge bob started the mess were all in right now.The only good 1999 shows that i liked was rocket power. One day i came down stairs with my sister watching rocket power she was reggie i was otto we got one of her barbie jeeps i forget but we used something to stand on it and and we rode it like a skateboard my dad got me a monsters ink fake target board it took me along time how to ollie and thats how i became a big skater it really started in 2003. I was a big skateboarding fan with my monsters ink board i got so hooked i got tony hawks pro skater i loved it.article image Kids Choise awards...good times if there is one thing i remember its that Rosiodonald was the greatest host ever she was the best now its just movie stars they suck at hosting!article image

I see my little 5 and 7 year old cousins yelling hurry jake spongebob and fairly odd parents are on in my mind im saying "F that i wanna watch Angry Beavers and watch action leauge now on KABLAM" i told them one time have u ever heard of the angry beavers they say no is that like sponge bob im all like no. 2000s hell brakes loose Nick has shows like el tigre naked brothers band drake and josh i hate those shows. Even Disney i wasnt a big disney channel fan growing up even the shows on disney suck Like PHIL OF THE FURURE,Life With Derek it just sucks. I remember Zoog Disney but that started in like 2000 or somethin they did have good shows though like even stevens and lizzie mguire. In memorys of my childhood please stay with me in my heart. CRY CRY