Today is December 26th 2019 and as 2020 rolls into the history of the world the days begin counting down until the 20th Anniversary of the Rugrats in Paris film released on November 17th in 2000 in the United States.

The animated feature released by Paramount and Nickelodeon made $103 million at the box office after being made with a budget of $30 million and saw a cool $20 million spent in promotional efforts towards the films success including toys in kids' meals at fast food restaurants.

From 11/13/2000 to 12/10/2000, Burger King promoted Rugrats In Paris. During the promotion, Burger King offered 4 special "ChatBack" watches, with each watch featuring a mini-conversation between 2 Rugrats. One watch was released per week, and sold for US$1.99 with any value meal purchase.

The four were made exclusive for a limited time only. It's safe to say that during this period only a certain demographic of children (now known as Millennials) got to experience and take part in this promotional blitz as a consumer which is now engraved into their bedded memories as apart of nostalgia.

The watches were uniquely and brilliantly designed in bold, vibrant colors ranging from lime green, purple & clear, deep sea blue and orange. When activated, the Rugrats characters "chat back" to each other using phrases inspired by movie. Each watch featured a "conversation" between two different Rugrats characters with the press of a button.

(Pictures from Burger King's website; all ©2000 Burger King & Viacom.)

Phil & Lil (green watch) - released week 1
Phil: "It's an alien!"
Lil: "It's Reptar!"
Phil: "Wow!"
Lil: "This is great!"

Kimi & Chuckie (orange watch) - released week 2
Chuckie: "It's a 'moozement park!"
Kimi: "That's scary!"
Chuckie: "You're not too brave."
Kimi: "I'm not goin'!"

Angelica & Susie (purple watch) - released week 3
Susie: "I'm gonna sing!"
Angelica: "Now what?"
Susie: "Listen to me!"
Angelica: "Don't interrupt."

Tommy & Dil (blue watch) - released week 4
Tommy: "Wanna play, Dilly?"
Dil: "My Tomby!"
Tommy: "Let's do it!"
Dil: "Play! Play!"

Unlike any other wrist watch that has ever been made. Not your average Rolex right but contemporary competitor of such in its own right. Something to remember when November 17, 2020 pops up on the calendar.