(The writing style used for this article will be similar to that of a script so have fun reading it.)

So, right off the bat I have to say I used to actually love this show as a kid. I played Mortal Kombat and enjoyed the live-action movies, and as such found this cartoon extremely appealing, however after watching it not five minutes ago I found several issues I never noticed or simply didn't care about as a kid. Here's just a few:

Loyalty to the lore.
First, the lore of Mortal Kombat is convoluted at best. Taking just the games into account there are two seperate timelines, one of which is still underway and the other is complicated and frustrating. The only games to have been released prior to this show were the first three, so I can forgive it for not following the current lore, but there are still many different factors that make it a mess when it comes to following the official events. Firstly, they say Scorpion was simply a guy who died fighting against the Lin Kuei who refused to stay dead. This is extemely wrong, as most people who have played the games will know. Scorpion was a member of the Shirai Ryu, which the Lin Kuei slaughtered mercilessly. After lamenting the death of his clan he swore vengence until he was killed, and was then resurrected by Quan Chi to do his bidding with the promise of revenge. Secondly, many characteres who play integral roles in the main storyline of the Mortal Kombat universe simply aren't there, yet smaller characters are. Finally, something extremely minor that bugged me all the same was how they explained away Sub-Zero's death (The original). They show that Lui Kang simply dumped a bucket of water on him, which froze him solid. I get it's a kids show and they're trying to push Lui Kang as the main character who does everything, but at least show some respect to the original cannon. Scorpion killed the original Sub-Zero, that's all they had to say.

All of the above things are tolerable, but it's nothing compared to my other main gripe:

The level of writing in this show was probably written by its target audience; kids. The conflict in the first episode between Sub-Zero and the main group is made to seem insurmountable, only for it to then be "resolved" by the end of the episode without any lingering issues. If anyone competant had written the plot and script for the show, they would've made the main group distrust Sub-Zero for at least two or three episodes before having them forgive him, but instead they brush the conflict away within a small fight scene and a sudden revelation of him having a tracer on him that nobody had thought to check for before they set off to their hideout. This is just lazy writing, and a way to simply keep the kids from tuning out because the main characters aren't getting along. They also introduce random quirks such as Nightwolf being a tech-wiz, Stryker being afraid of dogs (despite working in the police force, which would've put him around them constantly), and Sonya being a loudmouth who doesn't stratergise or think before she acts. Another gripe I have is the shoe-horning in of the Lui Kang - Katana romance. They stop in the middle of a fight where enemies are still left to gaze into eachother's eyes. That's right, they just stop fighting. The combat music cuts out and is replaced by some cheesy, sappy romance music without them evening having a similar motif or sound. The show is lazy in how it goes about its dirty business, which I think is probably the worst part about it.

Everything I've covered in this mini-rubbish review is from the first episode and about 3 minutes of the second. There's probably more, worse sins this show is guilty of but I cannot stomach sitting through another 11 and 3/4 episodes right now. Maybe, once I've gained a better stomach, I'll come back to this show and write a little retrospective on my own review, but until that day comes I'll simply say that I wouldn't even show this to a young child, it is that bad.