Streets of Fire is a Gem from the 80's that eluded me somehow. In a decade full of awesome movies like Back to the Future, the brat pack movies and all of the greatness that came out of that decade, it got lost in the shuffle. It wasn’t until recently when I was looking online for hidden gems that I discovered it.

All it took was a look at the cast and I was intrigued, in particular the casting of Rick Moranis as a sleazy music executive, it was surreal seeing someone who usually plays nice and goofy roles get a chance to be a stuck up prick. It was great to see Michael Pare do what he does best (beat the unholy fuck outta people) as well as an amazingly beautiful Diane Lane in the damsel in distress role. I miss those.

The movie was is something of an anomaly in terms of classification, I mean it’s clearly an action movie but there are a lot of other elements mixed in which really gives it a unique style. It’s an action, 50s stylized musical with a cast you really enjoy seeing together. The cast is pretty solid, including a crazed Willem Dafoe as the lead dickhead but as most would say, the biggest star in it is the music.

Jim Steinman provided the standout tracks “Tonight is what it means to be young” and “Nowhere fast” as the Keyboardist and writer of the band Fire Inc. The instant I heard these songs Meatloaf came to mind, they are immersive substantial songs that bring you to another place. The kind of songs that make you remember where you were the first time you heard them.

I will not give any details about the movie other than to say that Pare’s character Tom Cody is tasked with saving his ex girlfriend (Ellen Aim) Diane Lane from a biker gang. It is truly a treat for fans of action and great music. Go give it a watch.