A long time ago, there was this man named Jim Henson who believed that all kids shows must not be just for kids but adults can enjoy as well. If he were to see preschool shows nowadays, who are teaching kids that it's okay to say that strangers are okay in a creative way, he would roll into his grave as we speak.

Let's start with Sesame Street, the show were Jim made the puppets on. A Long time ago, the show had very memorable characters like Count Von Count, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Snuffy, Oscar the Grouch, etc. But now, it's all about Elmo. Since Jim Henson's death, Elmo has taken over Sesame Street. I mean, I like Elmo and think he's cute, but does he have to really take over 80% of the entire show? I mean, in every episode, Elmo sees Mr. Noodle, and finally Elmo sings the BABIES SONG! I can't believe I used to like this show when I was little. It's a dumb show. Jim Henson would be rolling in his grave right now. If you ask me, Cookie Monster should take over 80% of the show because he's the best one because he's so freakin craving for cookies. Elmo is shown to do a dumb way of money.
Not long after Mr. Henson's death, in 1992, a big purple creepy nightmare that parents and their children prayed for extinction finally came I'll give you a hint. It isn't Face. Nope! It's Barney the purple dinosaur. I really don't like Barney so much. In one episode, Barney says "a stranger is a friend you have never met yet" Which is I don't like and is wrong in so many ways. It's about teaching kids numbers, shapes, colors, and lovely dovey. It's dumb. Jim must be rolling in his grave Let's talk about Nick Jr. I mean, when I was little, It used to be called Noggin. It used to have great shows like Gullah Gullah Island, Oobi, Tweenies, Play with Me Sesame, Allegra's Window, Blues Clues, etc. And it was hosted by the one and only Moose A. Moose and Zee. But now, it changed itself to Nick Jr and now It has Dora the Explorer. Like Elmo, the point is to make money. Dora is about her exploring and she says "Where is the mountain" and I tell her it's right over there. And also, Caillou. It's the most idiotic show someone came up with. Caillou wines and cries like a baby Also, Noggin used to have Moose A. Moose and Zee? Now, We now have a lady announcer. That sucks.