Have any of you folks who live in Kentucky seen the bumpers for the KET kids station that features the little blue K mascot who goes into several situations? I did, as I live in Kentucky and saw those ads. They were only aired on PBS Kids back when it was formerly known as PTV, and unlucky for me, I search for the videos and they are nowhere to be found. However, I did found a picture of the little blue K mascot, who was called the "K-Kid" by KET, in the 1997 archive of the KET website thanks to Wayback Machine. I gave him a home by uploading him here, so here's a picture of him:
article image

At one point, he even flies in a helicopter, I think. I also kept having dreams about the KET videos (although in my dreams they are parodies since the K-Kid was replaced by characters that I sometimes plan to draw soon).

The KET Kids IDs were extremely extinct by now, thanks to the arrival of the PBS Kids "Dot and Dash" logo, and I cannot seem to see them nowhere, even in titles! What makes the KET Kids ads so unique is because, I think, they have slower frame rates similar to today's Japanese anime cartoons, despite that the videos have the same style as the PBS P-Pals one. I contact KET many times, and they could not respond most of the time, unless I have to wait until the future has coming. I really miss the KET Kids videos, and they're extremely legendary.