The Grunge Era was in full swing when I started really getting into music as a kid. It was a movement and many of those bands have stood the test of time. Before that the 80′s had the Hair Band movement and Thrash Metal. The Mid 70′s had Arena Rock and the 60′s/early 70′s was possibly the most important time in modern music with the introduction of The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, etc...

Since the end of the Grunge era in the mid-90s what movement has there been? What definitive musical culture has been developed in the past 20 years? I am not saying there hasn't been great music made or great new bands but you have to go searching for it most of the time. For rock and roll fans there used to be a culture for all of us to rally around and now its feels like we are all splintered looking for not just new great bands but the next musical movement.

I write and play music not to be a throwback but just what I am influenced by. If all of my inspirations have stood the test of time and are still commercially viable on the radio why can't those influences drive new bands to the top. Bands like Mastodon and Rival Sons write some of the greatest music out today yet very few people know who they are and no mainstream radio or exposure comes their way. These types of bands can entertain, create album after album of inspiring music, and it all means something. Their music has deep feeling and lyrics have real meaning.

Pop music has always been there but now it seems to be a monopoly on our musical society. Most kids today have not seen the musical talent that the rest of us grew up with unless they are looking back into past eras of music. It is great to see that but it can only be sustainable for so long so a new age of rock music has to emerge to rival the current non-culture the pop driven industry has created.

I would like my band to be a small part of the next movement if it ever comes so rock and roll fans aren't always stuck longing for 20 years ago. The next generation of rock and roll fans needs to develop the next culture of rock enthusiasm.

Josh Johnson