For years, there has been one question on everybody's mind. Which Nintendo character reigns supreme. Now I know exactly what you're thinking. Mario reigns supreme because he's Nintendo's mascot. While that is slightly true, if you want the real answer to this question, go and play the epic mash up party game of the century: SUPER SMASH BROS!!!!!! This amazing game was first planned as a Japan only release. But after selling so well, Nintendo decided to release it worldwide in the year of 1999.
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The Story:
There really isn't much of a story here. In this case, a kid imagines all the major Nintendo characters are beating the ever lasting crap out of each other. While that's one much of a story, it works pretty well for a fighting game.
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The Controls:
The controls are easy for anyone to learn.
A= Standard attack
B= Special attack
C Buttons= Jump
Z= Shield/Grab
L/R= Dodge
Control Stick= Move
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The 1-P Mode:
Since this is the first game in the Super Smash Bros. series, the developers must not have been thinking clearly with the single player mode because they must have thought that people would buy it for the multi-player mode. But even if it gets boring at times, the single player mode is a great training ground that helps you learn the basics of the game if you don't wanna watch the how to play video.
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My Memories:
Much like Star Fox 64, I have a lot of memories with Super Smash Bros. as well. I remember I would ALWAYS pick Fox because I just loved Star Fox at the time and I still do to this day. I also remember beating 1-P mode for the very first time and then facing Jigglypuff afterwards. Man I hated that. But still I had a blast back then.
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The Final Verdict:
Now if you think I'm going to give this game a perfect score, you must be crazy. But I just might because this game is so flippin' awesome. So the verdict is 10/10
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That concludes this review. Join me next time when I cover Diddy Kong Racing.
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