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When Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour arrived in electronic stores in 1998, nobody knew what happened if you put the disc in your computer.

If you opened the file ZZDUMMY.DAT with your media player, you could watch the pilot of South Park, "Jesus vs. Santa". Nobody cared to put the disc in their computer until December of 1998.

A mother got her son a copy of the PlayStation version of Tiger Woods 99 for Christmas, not knowing that console games weren't playable on computers (unless if you use an emulator). The young boy put the CD-ROM in his computer and clicked on ZZDUMMY.DAT. He watched the video (which was the pilot of South Park "Jesus vs. Santa" as mentioned). After hearing all the profanity the video was loaded with, he told his mother. She complained to Electronic Arts/EA Sports.

Electronic Arts did not know about the file until then. After hearing from the mother, they tested the game and deemed the video "offensive to consumers". The game was recalled in January 1999, and at that time a new disc was manufactured without the movie. However, the dummy file was intact, just not viewable with a media player anymore.

EA fired the employee who inserted the questionable video into the discs. When programming the disc, he/she did not know how to write a dummy file, so he/she found a video that was the pilot of South Park, changed it to a .DAT file, and renamed it to ZZDUMMY.

The PC version of this game did not contain the video.

Fun fact: The video was created on "Fri 20 Dec 1996 01:22:16 AM MST" and is 53.1 MB. The video itself it 5 minutes and 4 seconds long, has a resolution of 320 x 240, codec is Cinepak, is 15FPS, Mono audio done in Raw 8-bit PCM audio, and has a sample rate of 22254 Hz.