Circuit City was an electronics store that opened in 1984, around the time more people started buying user friendly computers. Circuit City sold every electronic from TVs to computer software, and for a long time was very popular with customers. To my knowledge it was one of the first major national electronic retail chains. Back in the day stores like Wal-Mart and K-mart didn’t carry many electronics so you either went to circuit city or a large department store like sears. And keep in mind there was no Best Buy , that didn’t open until 1989.

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Like I said earlier, you could buy all your electronic needs here’s just to name a few……. Phones, videogames, computers, computer software, TVs, VHS, DVD, CDs, Media Players, stereos, digital clocks, radios and much more. When large retail department stores became more common and started carrying more electronic goods, that’s when Circuit city started to go downhill. Circuit City was always kind of pricey and they couldn’t compete with other stores low prices.

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In 2000 Best Buy was creeping up on Circuit city and they didn’t know what to do! I will give them credit somehow they managed to survive for another 9 years. When they closed they had huge liquidation sales. I remember on one of the last weeks before they closed completely, my Moms car broke down in front of one. When my dad was giving the car a jump start I went in, it looked like a ghost town. The picture below is a lot what it looked like.

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RIP Circuit City