I remember watching Famous Studios cartoons when I was little. I had no idea Harvey Entertainment had a connection to Famous Studios until later on.My very first Paramount cartoon: Old Macdonald Had A Farm. My second: Shortnin' Bread. I loved the second a lot more, but I paid attention the the sing-along part on Old Macdonald because it was a classic sing-along with the bouncing ball, better than watching a stupid sing-along commercial on TV! Plus, I beleive it had the orginal Paramount titles. NTA logos kinda looked creepy for is redness and oldness, Paramount's was more, immortal. I saw Casper Harveytoon prints ! The crew ranged from Seymour Kneitel, Joe Orilio, Isadore Sparper, David Tendlar,
and more, kinda like the crew of Looney Tunes: Chuck Jones, Warren Foster, Friz Frleling, Bob Clampett, Tex Avery (worked later at MGM) and more!!! There was also music by the the same composer of the RKO-Van Buren Rainbow Parade cartoons, Winston Sharples.
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In 1942, Fleischer Studios was taken over by it's client studio, Paramount Pictures, and renamed Famous Studios. There were first, Popeye and Superman. Superman was eliminated, and new toons, some working later for Harvey, were shown. Little Lulu was a Paramount star,and the Noveltoons were inbetween Fleischer Color Classics and Harveytoons.
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In 1945, the first color Bouncing Ball sing-along was released. It was Old MacDonald Had A Farm. The image is the cover of the video that had a rare print of Old MacDonald, avaible from UAV Corporation:
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In the 1950s, television was the YouTube of the time. Thus, there were TV prints of Famous Studios cartoons from U.M.&.M TV Corp. (United Film Service of Kansas City, Minot, and MTA TV Corp), later NTA (National Telefilm Associates). Harvey Comics sold the rest of the characters, even when new Paramount cartoons were released.

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It was also at the time renamed Paramount Cartoon Studios. It closed in 1967. Paramount owns these again, yet THEY ARE REFUSING TO RESTORE FAMOUS STUDIOS CARTOONS!!!!! I remeber watching these. Let's all hope that Paramount will restore them by their 100th Anniversary in 2012.