Yes, times-are-a-changing which was in a popular song. I don't even know why this has happened.

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I have no trust over this Tickle U stuff also. Some good shows were taken off.

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Flintstones, where the hell have you gone too?! Come back!
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Dexter's Labortory, where are you?

Tom and Jerry, why aren't you so long?
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Freakazoid, come back!

Scooby Doo, where are you?
Time Squad, your trip is over.
Every other thing that was so great, come back!

The only good shows left on Cartoon Network are

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
Grim Adventures of Billy and Many
My gym partner's a Monkey
Ed Edd Eddy

So Cartoon Network has gone downhill too far. All of those come back please shows are on Boomerang unfortunely. Hope they stay on there!

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Same thing with you, Jetix, get off Toon Disney and make it TOON DISNEY instead of 4kids!