On March 11, 2013, a young man by the name of, Kendall Davis, came up with another idea to get so-called, "Classic Nick", it's own 24/7 channel. It was much to the delight of Davis, to see that his new plan had succeeded in becoming more successful than his last idea with the "The '90s Are All That Needs It's Own TV Channel" page. This time, Davis took a different approach and awaited to see if it would take-off.

Unexpectedly, within minutes Davis' new Facebook group... appropriately titled, "Save Classic Nick! The 90s Are All That", was an instant success gaining more members than likes from his '90s Are All That Needs It's Own TV Channel page. As of March 12, 2013, the group has a total of 527 members, while his lack-luster '90s Are All That... page has roughly 128 likes.

So how did this all start? Davis came up with the idea to get people involved and up and talking about his idea for a 24/7 "Classic Nick" channel again when the popularity of the '90s Are All That.... Facebook page began to falter. According to Davis, "his Facebook page wasn't as successful because the right people weren't involved" and that "they really didn't fully support the cause." Thus, Davis created a Facebook event recruiting Facebookers from all over the world to participate and join what he named the,"Give Us A Classic Nick Channel" campaign!

After creating the event, Davis posted the following promotional picture to coincide with the campaign:
article image

Could this be a success? "Well, people are committing to writing their letters", Davis says, "but whether it will be a success or not... is up in the air." All letters are do to be written and mailed by April 2, 2013. But what will happen to "The '90s Are All That Needs It's Own TV Channel" page and petition? Davis says, "It's likely that the page will be deleted and the petition will be renamed and dedicated to the new group."

If this happens, the petition will see a significant rise in signatures and could possibly contribute to the creation of a full 24/7 "Classic Nick" channel. When asked about these facts... Davis says,"it's very true and that's another reason why I would rename the petition."

So will you write a letter? If you would like to become a member of the Facebook group, write a letter as apart of the event or interact with others who think the idea is awesome... the links to everything is below!

Copy and paste the link to the "Save Classic Nick! The 90s Are All That!" Facebook Group in your URL/http box above - https://www.facebook.com/groups/422789834482138/

Copy and paste the link to the "Give Us A Classic Nick Channel" Facebook Event in your URL/http box above - https://www.facebook.com/events/415638428510555/?ref=3