I think everybody remembers the good nickelodeon. Not the MTV Teen Nick Garabage joke we are getting. I think that shows like

Nick In The Afternoon
jack da fish
and alot of other shows

bout as the way I see it it isn't being brought back. Becuase of the owners of nick. I am only stating an opinon..i think it is time to stand agianst nickeldeon. I am sorry to say..but they are going down.

I am saying this becuase lets compare snick with teen nick


Are you afraid of the dark
Clarrisa Explains it all
Pete and pete
Ren and Stimpy
The Secret World Of Alex Mack
all that (90's)

Teen Nick:

neds declassifed school survial guide

rip off: Clrassia Explains it all

Zoey 101

Rip off: The Secret World Of Alex Mack

Drake and Josh

rip off: pete and pete
Ren and Stimpy

All That (2000s)

Offspring of : Allthat (90s)

Teen Nick:

Rip off: Snick

I think the time has come to fight back