Oh my god! What the heck is up with TV these days! It's starting to suck more now! I wish they would get rid of...

1. X-Showdown
2. Ben 10
3. Camp Lazlo
4. Peppa Pig
5. Firehouse Tales
6. Krypto The Superdog
7. Miguzi
8. Pokemon (Every Pokemon thing!)
9. Toonami
10. Tickle U

I would be so happy if Miguzi, Toonami, and Tickle U got there channels. Same thing with Playhouse Disney (Well, on Satillite), and Nick Jr.

Here's a few guys who don't like those shows
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Now they don't like those shows. Some of them such as Meg Griffin, the wimp hitting herself, Basil, the mouse detective, and tubba blubba, a giant guy who eats ghosts, and Mrs Thwomp, who is angry. I'm not a major company, but I do like Toon Disney. Some of my favorites that got put on cartoon such as family guy was a good time. Now the place is being overtaken by baby shows!