As my life got started, I don't really remember much but faded in and outs of mom feeding me, my dad yelling at me, and my brother kicking me in the groin except for the pictures of times that went through my young eyes into adulthood. I would like to show you my life as seen through pictures of movies, games, bands, and whatever else went through my noggen as I started remembering from 3ish or 4ish of age. Here we go......

As far as I can remember back I have a visual of this... article image
or even these fancy characters.article image
But then I got a little older and remember this engraved in the brain, article image because my dad would constantly flip through the channels until it was either a western or hmmmmm A WESTERN! Hell, even more better is when it went from western to this enchanted person. article image Oh yes, it was a welcome break from western but still got old. Couple of years would go by and I would be old enough to dress myself and goto school and all that. So, as you know parents want to go out and leave us kids behind, this is where the fun starts. HEHEHEHE I would rent movies (until video games came out anyway :) ) and started my classics memory images from such movies as Superman, article image Goonies, article image and of course the movie that made me think I could fly in a bubble powered by a car battery and a 486 PCarticle image .......EXPLORERS! article image I just recently acquired all of those DVD's btw. Now you can only watch movies a million times and you need a break. So time goes by, I get a little older and sick of movies, this is where the arcade comes into play. Begging my mom to take me to the mall and then begging some more for quarters to play some games. For me there was only two images burned into my head, and I was always playing them, Street Fighter 2 article image and Mortal Kombat. Yeah baby! Then go home and watch Big Trouble in Little China article image to wash the ass kickery down with! Or, maybe wake up in the middle of the night and sneak down stairs to watch a Indiana Jones article image flick. So by now i'm getting older and the wiser and growing up a little, finding friends and what not, so I play a little DND article image to give myself unworldly pleasures of killing things in my mind. What was really cool was everyone brought snacks and soda, so we would have a interlude of munching our food and watch Beavis and Butthead, article image or talk about the latest headlines in the National Enquirer. LOL article image So farther down the timeline we go into my mid teenage years and I start, well as our parents say "Hanging with the wrong article image crowd", and my favorite band and image of all time emerges with Cowboys from Hell... article imagePantera! Yeah yeah, sneaking out and getting drunk and smoking weed..etc. It was fun. Now I am an adult and I find my myself watching Sloth article image more and more. I might even get a tattoo of his likeness on my back! So I suppose this is the end of my article, but your probably asking yourself, "He left something really cool out in the beginning, something I can't believe he didn't put in there", well...your right. I did leave something out, on purpose though. Cause this last image that was so awesomly cool is being remade into a movie coming soon.






TRANSFORMERS! article image

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you had fun with me down memory lane.