A lot of people (Mostly Dragonball fanatics) really dislike GT. Maybe because of the overpowering of characters, maybe because a lot of them over analyze this show. Well the truth is, what better send off could there have been? Sure Dragonball Z ended on a strong note, but if you say you didn't want to see more of Goku and the gang you are lying!

Akira Toryama(the creator of Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Chrono Trigger and Dr Slump) had nothing to do with the series, which a lot of fan-boys use as a reason to despise this show. Lets overlook this Trashed Classic and see if its really as bad as they say. We start with Emperor Pilaf (the first major antagonist from Dragonball) atop Kami's lookout, or I guess its Dende's look out now summoning Shenron from the Dragonballs but these aren't just your normal Dragonballs, these are the Black Star Dragonballs, which are spread across the Universe. These Dragonballs are powerful enough to make any wish come true, this includes wishing death upon someone. We see a rather large and bad ass Black Star Shenron who will grant Pilaf's wish.

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Goku runs into Pilaf, much to Pilaf's dismay, but UH OH. Pilaf shoots his mouth off too much saying "I wish you were a kid again so I could show you some manners" or something like that and we hear the classic "Your wish is granted!" and *Boom* Goku is a kid again!

So everyone is in shock at the fact that Goku has become a child again, except Goku who thinks its kinda cool. But we learn that these Black Star Dragonballs have a certain negative quality, that negative quality being that if they are not collected again and brought to the planet earth again in one years time, Earth will explode!

So it is decided that Goku, Trunks and Goten will all go to gather these Black Star Dragonballs in space, but Goten is late due to being on the phone with his Girlfriend, so Pan (Daughter of Gohan and Videl) sneaks aboard and launches the ship, and our adventure begins!

The Grand Tour saga

I personally do not have much to say about the Grand Tour saga, it was boring. Basically our heroes fly around space, gathering Black Star Dragonballs and fighting weak villians. Of course who is strong compared to Goku? Even after being transformed back into a child he only lost like a fraction of his power. So yeah, the Z-Fighters (Shouldn't they be called GT Fighters by now?) Gather a few of these balls, run into a little robot named Giru (or Gill in American Broadcasts) and they use him as a Dragon radar. More boring exposition and they run into a villian named Lord Luud , who is worshiped by some cult(which is led by a pedophile who creeps Pan), he is actually the only villain in this Grand Tour to put up a fight, but Goku goes Super Sayian and destroys him as always. Eventually the Z-Fighters run into this planet, which I forget the name of and battle it out with a race called the Machine Mutants, who actually put up a fight...Until Goku goes Super Sayian. We meet the Evil Dr. Myuu who is cultivating this weird metallic thing called Bebi (Baby in North American Broadcasts). More shenanigans and finally, Bebi breaks out of his incubator, reveals that it was in fact he who created Dr. Myuu (not the other way around as we were led to believe) and he fights the Z-Fighters, gets into Trunks body, and then fights Goku who blows him to smithereens...


Bebi ends up regenerating and makes his way back to earth, hoping to use the Dragonballs to wish for his planet back, which was destroyed by Sayians, and so Begins the second and best saga of the GT series.

The Bebi Saga

It begins with Goten, out on the town with his girlfriend. Suddenly a ship crashes and Bebi (who has grown alot since we last saw him) immediately confronts Goten, fights him and possesses his body (again with the possesions) From there he goes to confront Gohan. Goten says harsh things to Gohan (which his family brushes off as a brotherly spat) and the two go to fight it out, Gohan gets possessed. They then go to confront Vegeta, who Bebi plans to use as his body, BAM possessed. So by the time Goku Pan and Trunks return, everyone has been brainwashed by Bebi (including Trunks due to being possessed in space earlier) and they all attack Goku, who promptly kicks the crap out of them all, until Bebi Vegeta shows up, the two transform into various forms, until it ends up with Super Bebi Vegeta 2 against Super Sayian 3 Goku, the two fight with Bebi getting the upper hand, Goku's little kid body cannot hold the power of Super Sayian 3 and he reverts back to his normal form. All seems lost as Bebi is about to blast Goku, but at the last second Kibito Kai warps in and saves Goku. All hope seems lost as the only Z-Fighters left are Pan, Hercule, Majin Buu and Uub. All of which are no match for Bebi. Majin Buu sacrifices himself uselessly, or so it would seem. We all the remnants of Buu fuse with Uub (A reincarnation of Kid Buu from DBZ) to make Majuub. Majuub proceeds to kick the crap out of Bebi, however Uub gets cocky and tries to finish Bebi off with his "Turn into Chocolate" attack, but Bebi deflects it and eats Uub.

And thats how Dragonball GT ends....

Just kidding, Goku grows his tail back and becomes a Golden Great Ape, then he becomes Super Sayian 4!!! Which actually looks really cool.

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I was just expecting longer hair!

So Goku and Bebi fight, and Goku kicks his ass. Until Bebi turns into a Golden Great Ape himself do the the blutz ray that Bulma made. Bebi proceeds to mop the floor with Goku, until Uub starts powering up inside Bebi, giving him a stomach ache. Goku does some crap and blows off Bebi's tail, causing him to revert to normal Vegeta form, Bebi attempts to escape by leaving Vegetas body, but gets a face full of Kamehameha while in space, and thus ends the Bebi saga....Oh yeah and the earth explodes and Piccolo dies. HAPPY ENDING!

Oh and Dr. Myuu meets up with Dr.Gero in hell and they share a handshake thats more Iconic that George Bush shaking hands with that soviet guy...was that Iconic? Did that even Happen?

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And thus began....

The Super 17 Saga

Actually, its more of a mini series...no really it was like 5 episodes long, Basically Gero and Myuu break out of Hell (Or HFIL for Americans) leaving the gates open for all of the DB and DBZ henchmen and villians to escape. So we see Goten, Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta cleaning up the mess. In a funny moment, Vegeta confronts Nappa and the two have a stand off, your thinking "oh shit, Nappa must have gotten stronger over all this time" nope, Nappa attempts to attack Vegeta and gets vaporized for his troubles. However this was all a diversion, Dr. Myuu and Dr Gero made a second Android 17 to fuse with the Original, and after killing Krillin, he does just that. The two fuse and proceed to mop the floor with the Z Fighters including Uub. Meanwhile, in Hell Goku fights Freiza and Cell! He kicks the snot out of them, but because they are in hell they dont die. So after watching them die a bunch of times Goku wises up and uses some freezing machine to kill them for good! Oh and in a humorous moment Cell absorbs Goku, we see what could quite possibly be the most powerful enemy ever...until Goku breaks out because of his strength. Ha Ha stupid Cell. so Goku returns to earth after Piccolo sacrifices his being in Heaven to close the gates.

Goku goes SS4 and fights Super 17, the fight is evenly matched until Android 18 returns and distracts Super 17, who is promptly destroyed by Goku the end.


They need to find the Dragonballs again to bring back all the people killed. But strangely enough all the Dragonballs are cracked? What could this mean?

The Shadow Dragon Saga

So all the Dragonballs are gathered, but your average Shenron doesn't appear, no! we get a creepy looking Black Dragon, who reveals that every wish made has had a negative impact on the Dragonballs, and all this Negative energy has been stored up. 7 Evil Dragons are spawned and in order to get the Dragonballs back and Goku must defeat them all. So we see some one off villians who are all spawned by the Negative Energy in each wish. its mostly boring exposition until the end. Goku barely has to break his base form to beat these guys. Until Goku meets Nouva Shenron, the 4 star dragon. Nouva and Goku fight it out really well, with Nouva showing some honor due to the fact he came from Grandpa Gohan's Dragonball. The two fight, but suddenly Nouva's blue twin brother comes, Eis Shenron, who fights dirty. Eis and Goku face off and they have a nice little battle, until Goku gains the upper hand. Eis is now at Goku's mercy, begging Nouva to help him, who refuses to do so. However Nouva asks that Goku spare his brother, which he does in exchange for the Dragonball, which he gets. Eis tries a dirty tactic when he slashes Goku's eyes with Ice Claws, however when he goes in for the kill he is treated with a punch through the chest, and the Dragon Fist attack. Then we meet the most powerful enemy, Syn Shenron. who mops the floor with Nouva and kinda kicks Goku's ass. Meanwhile Vegeta asks Bulma to use the Blutz Ray on him so he may achieve Super Sayian 4 (skipping super sayian 3). All the Z-fighters come to Goku's aid, after Syn Shenron absorbs the 6 remaining Dragonballs becoming the Omega Shenron, who is the most powerful villain in Dragonball ever. He destroys all the Z-Fighters, including the two Super Sayian 4's but they have a plan. Fusion and they become Super Sayian 4 Gogeta. Gogeta mops the floor with Omega Shenron, but of course in a Classic Dragonball fashion, the fusion wears off before they can finish him off. So whats the only logical way to finish this?

A Spirit Bomb

OH but not just any Spirit Bomb

A Spirit Bomb that uses all the power from the Universe

So Goku charges it up and Bombs Omega Shenron. The Series ends with Hercule admitting that it was Goku who was the Hero all along and Goku gets a statue of himself built in the city. Goku in the end meets the Original Shenron, who then passes the duty on to him. Goku becomes Shenron and goes away, only to be seen when summoned. We then flash forward 100 years to a little kid who looks like Goku, named Goku Jr. who entered the world tournament, Goku Jr faces off against Vegeta Jr. in the final round. The two fight and I forget who wins. Then we get a long end credits, showing highlights from Dragonball, Dragonball Z and GT. Its sad because this was the last we saw of the series.

In the end, GT wasn't that bad, it was a bit over the top but hey, its anime. It wasn't a proper send off, but it wasn't an improper send off either. Sadly we wont see a Dragonball AF. We wont see a new series ever. We can just enjoy the reruns. If you havent watched Dragonball GT and are a fan of the original two series, check it out. I hope you enjoy this Trashed Classic.