In 1996 Naughty Dog & Sony Entertainment created Crash Bandicoot. Which is still, to this day, one of my favorite games. The graphics are exceptional for such an old game. The story is rather intelligent, Crash Bandicoot is mutated from a Bandicoot along with his girlfriend, CoCo, due to the twisted experiments of one Neo Cortex. When his girlfriend is kidnapped, a chase insues, but with help from the ancient Ooga-Booga mask, he goes from island to island looking for his lost love. On the way he defeats several bosses, & finally the biggest boss of them all Neo Cortex. Once Neo Cortex is defeated Crash searches for the gems & keys, so he can once again defeat Cortex. The levels are creative & fun, the game lasts you a while, seeing as how it is very difficult. In conclusion, Crash Bandicoot kicks mo fuggin ass!