eople have lots of opinions about what the best TV show of all time is, but for me, it is pretty much a no-brainer: simply put, there has never been a better television program than The Simpsons. Yeah, we can complain about the decline in quality over the years, but I do not think there has ever been - or ever will be again - a show that has had the impact and longevity that this show has had.

Every year, I would get pumped for the fall, because that meant - among other things - new episodes of The Simpsons. And I would get SUPER-PUMPED every Halloween, because that meant that I got a new installment of the TREEHOUSE OF HORROR. . .which HAVE to be among the greatest horror specials in the history of ANY kind of media.

Over the years, the annual TREEHOUSE OF HORROR episode has turned into an inseparable aspect of the holiday itself - every year, we carve pumpkins, eat lots of candy, watch some old slasher movies and kick back with the latest non-canon adventures of Western Kentucky s favorite nuclear family (and the hundreds of equally memorable characters that populate their burgh.)

If there is a horror movie trope or cliché that has been invented, the Simpsons have probably parodied it in one of the TREEHOUSE OF HORROR episodes. To commemorate both the show and Halloween, I decided to carve (get it?) out my own list of my favorite TREEHOUSE OF HORROR stories, ranking what I consider to be the ten best vignettes of the show s golden years. Now, I know just how rabid Simpsons fanatics can be, so if your favorite story does not make the list (or worse, if I make a mild quotation error or something), please try to avoid going cuckoo-bananas: it's just my opinion, so feel free to add your two cents to the comment box below if you have any complaints, grievances or challenges. . .especially after that purple monkey dishwasher bit.

So without further ado, let us kick back, open up a can of corn nuts and soothe our jangled nerves with my list of the